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Apr 27, 2015

How To Maintain Membrane Pleated Cartridge Filters ?

Membrane Pleated Cartridge Filters


Membrane Pleated Cartridge Filters with ordinary filter are different, have its own unique scope and role.Pleated Cartridge Filters can be used to filter out the fine particles and bacteria of liquid or gas 0.1um above.High filtration precision, speed, low absorption, easy to operate, no media loss, acid corrosion, etc. are main features of membrane pleated filters.Pleated Filter Cartridges have been widely applied to the electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological water treatment,beverage, wine, environmental protection and other industrial filtration equipment.


Because micro-porous pleated filters are more common in the industrial equipment, play a key role to production and product quality , it is particularly important routine maintenance.Pleated filters regular maintenance can not only improve the accuracy of the filters, also can be extended the working life and help users save much cost.


1,Reasonable installation in the filter housings.Note specification installation instructions, pay attention to fluid temperature and pressure adjustment,ensure sealing and non-pollution

2,After working for some time, the pleated filters will block a lot of impurities, then the pleated filter will be correspondingly larger pressure, flow rate will also slow down, you should remove the impurities in the filter housings and cleaned promptly

3,When removing impurities pleated filter, we pay special attention to some details, with light as light as possible, to prevent deformation or damage, affecting its purity filtration