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GAC Series Granular Activated Carbon FiltersGAC Series Granular Activated Carbon FiltersGAC Series Granular Activated Carbon Filters

GAC Series Granular Activated Carbon Filters


GAC Series Granular Activated Carbon Filters are economical water replacement filters. Its shell is made of food grade plastic and filled with high quality granular activated carbon. High quality granular activated carbon(GAC) has a strong adsorption effect, can absorb chemical pollutants in water such as chlorine and its derivatives, different colors, odors, pesticide residues and bleaching powder, and effectively improve the taste.

The structure of the GAC carbon filters allow water to enter from one end and pass the entire length of the carbon bed of the GAC filters before leaving the other end. The internal expansion pad minimizes channels or bypasses. This design facilitates the full contact of water and carbon, ensuring maximum adsorption and best filtration effect.

Filter MediaGranular Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, Granular Coal Activated Carbon
Length5", 9.75", 9.8", 10", 20" etc.
Inside Diameter28mm
Outside Diameter70mm
Filtration Rating5μm, 10μm
Outer shell & End CapsPolypropylene
Expansion PadPolypropylene
GasketSilicone, Buna-N
End Cap ColorBlue, Orange, can be customized


● Multiple sizes of GAC filter cartridges are available for custom

● Granular activated carbon filters are low pressure drop and high flow rates

● GAC filters are made of FDA food grade plastic housing and high-quality granular carbon

● Suitable for RO pre-filtration, widely used in household and commercial water purification

● GAC carbon filters are effective reduction of bad taste and odor, and chlorine taste & odor

Drinking WaterPre RO FiltrationElectronics
Plating ProcessesFood & BeveragesWaste Water Treatment
Household Water PurificationWater Purifier Pre-filtrationCommercial Water Purification


Operation Data for GAC Series Granular Activated Carbon Filters

Maximum Operating Temperature80℃(176℉)
Max. Differential Pressure100psi (6.8 Bar)
Max. Operation  Pressure125psi (17 Bar)
Min. Operation  Pressure20psi(1.38 Bar)
Filtration Life3-6 months according to water quality
Max. Flow Rate10"x2.5" GAC Filter: 2.5GPM
20"x2.5" GAC Filter: 5GPM

Chlorine Reduction Capacity of GAC Carbon Filters

SizeInitial Pressure Drop(psi)Chlorine Capacity(gal)
GAC 10"x2.5"0.6 psi@0.75gpm5,000@0.75gpm
GAC 20"x2.5"0.6 psi@1.5gpm10,000@1.5gpm

Order Information
GACFilter MaterialLengthIDODMicron RatingGasket/O-ring
GAC Series Granular Activated Carbon FiltersA = Granular Coal Activated Carbon5 = 5"C = 28mmD = 2.5"(70mm)5 = 5μmS = Silicone
9.75 = 9.75"
9.8 = 9.8"
B = Granular Coconut Shell Activated Carbon10 = 10"10 = 10μmN = Buna-N
20 = 20"

For Example:


GAC Carbon Filters - Granular Coconut Shell Activated Carbon - 10" - 28mm -  2.5" - 5μm - Silicone