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FOW Series High Flow String Wound CartridgesFOW Series High Flow String Wound CartridgesFOW Series High Flow String Wound Cartridges

FOW Series High Flow String Wound Cartridges


FOW Series High Flow String Wound Cartridges are made 100% pure high-quality polypropylene, FDA-approved. It's constructed by thermal welding technology with large diameter, which could greatly save water treatment plant footprint and reduce filter change-out cost. All polypropylene components construction provides excellent chemical resistance to acids, bases, salts and many organic solvents in a board range of processes.

FOW series high flow wound cartridges have an inner core, which significantly increases their resistance to pressure spike, and also prevents the release of fibers to the filtered liquid. The wound cartridge filters are equipped with a special connector: holder for easy installation of the cartridges in the housing and a sealing end which prevents the ingress of contaminant particles into the liquid. High flow wound cartridges are ideal for water treatment application such RO pre-treatment, food and beverage processing, fine chemicals and coating, etc.

Filter MediaPolypropylene
Length23”, 40”
End Cap OD147.5mm
Filtration Rating1μm, 5μm, 20μm, 50μm
Internal CorePolypropylene (PP)
End Cap MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Seal MaterialSilicone, NBR, Viton


● Easy installation and cartridges replacement, ideal for sea water application

● High flow rate, low pressure differential, high dirt holding capacity and long service life

● PP core available provides excellent strength of cartridge filter and high contaminant removal efficiency

● 100% polypropylene construction provides excellent chemical compatibility with a variety of process fluids and applications

● Honeycomb construction provides optimum particle retention and prevents media migration, ensures consistent filtration performance


● RO Pre-treatment

● Sea Water Desalination

● Industrial Water Treatment

● Fine Chemicals and Coatings

● Food and Beverage Processing

● Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics

● Municipal & Potable Water System

Max Working Temperature80°C
Max Working Pressure 6 bar
Max Differential Pressure Suggested2 bar
Recommended Change-out Differential Pressure1 bar
Suggested Maximum Flow Of Water23inch length: 15 m³/h
40inch length: 28 m³/h
Liquid Flow DirectionOutside to Inside
Typical Surface Area 0.27m² per 23" melt blown cartridge                                                                                 
0.47m² per 40" melt blown cartridge

Tech Support

Drawing of FOW Series High Flow String Wound Cartridges

drawing-of- high-flow-wound-filter.jpg

Installation for FOW Series High Flow String Wound Cartridges


Order Information
FOWMaterialLengthFiltration RatingOpen End TypeO-ring Material

FOW Series High Flow 

String Wound Cartridges

PP = Polypropylene23 = 23"1 = 1μmD = Double O-ringsS = Silicone
5 = 5μmN = NBR
40 = 40"20 = 20μm V = Viton
50 = 50μm

For Example:

FOW-PP-40 -5-D-N

FOW Series High Flow String Wound Cartridges - Polypropylene - 40"- 5μm - Double O-rings - NBR