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HFD Series Pleated High Flow Water FiltersHFD Series Pleated High Flow Water FiltersHFD Series Pleated High Flow Water Filters

HFD Series Pleated High Flow Water Filters


HFD Pleated High Flow Water Filters are especially made for some crucial applications that need high temperature and high pressure filtration system in chemical and oil field. The OD 6 inch large diameter enlarges surface filtration area, high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity for each high flow water filter. With stainless steel outer cage and superior-quality polypropylene or glass fiber media, high flow pleated filters have good performance and stable filtration efficiency when withstanding high pressure and temperature. HFD Series pleated high flow water filters help users save costs and time to enhance productivity.

Filter MediaPolypropylene(PP), Glass Fiber
Length40"(1016mm), 60"(1524mm)
Outside Diameter6 inch (152mm)
Inside Diameter73.5mm
Filtration Rating1μm, 3μm, 5μm, 6μm, 10μm, 20μm, 40μm, 70μm, 100μm
Support/DrainagePolypropylene (PP)
End Cap MaterialGlass fiber reinforced Polypropylene (PP)
OutsideSUS304, SUS316
Seal MaterialEPDM, Buna-N, Viton


● Inside to outside filtration pattern of high flow pleated filters

● 18 times flow rate than standard 2.5" filter and small housing place

● Outer S.S. cage can withstand higher high temperature and high pressure

● High filtration efficiency, good performance and stable filtration efficiency

● Gradient pore structure of high flow water filters provide layered filter function

● FDA approved and wide chemical compatibility, no resins, binders, or adhesives


● Oil production

● Chemical industrial

● Paints and coatings

● Microelectronic, film and resin

● Water treatment in Power generation

● RO Pre filtration and sea water desalination

Maximum Operating TemperaturePolypropylene Pleated Filter Media: 82°C
Glass Fiber Pleated Filter Media: 121°C
Maximum Flow Of Water40inch length: 50 m³/hr
60inch length: 75 m³/hr
Suggested Flow Rate40inch length: 30 m³/hr
60inch length: 45 m³/hr
Liquid Flow DirectionInside to outside
Typical Surface Area7㎡ per 40" filter cartridge
10.5㎡ per 60" filter cartridge
Recommend Change out Differential Pressure30 Bar at 20 ℃

Order Information
HFDMaterialLengthFiltration RatingO-ring MaterialInside (selective)

HFD Series Pleated 

High Flow Water Filters

P = PP Pleated40 = 40"(1016mm)1 = 1μmE = EPDMC = Central PP core
3 = 3μm
5 = 5μm
6 = 6μmB = Buna-N
10 = 10μm
G = Glass Fiber Pleated 60 = 60"(1524mm) 20 = 20μmT = Central SUS core
 40 = 40μm V = Viton
 50 = 50μm
 70 = 70μm
100 = 100μm

For Example:


HFD Series Pleated High Flow Water Filters - PP Pleated - 40" - 5μm - EPDM

Special specifications high flow water filters can be customized, such as Stainless Steel end caps etc.