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IFB Series Industrial Mesh Liquid Filter BagsIFB Series Industrial Mesh Liquid Filter BagsIFB Series Industrial Mesh Liquid Filter Bags

IFB Series Industrial Mesh Liquid Filter Bags


IFB Series Industrial Mesh Liquid Filter Bags have monofilament and multifilament types with steel or snap rings. Industrial mesh liquid filter bags have a wide range of retention ratings from 1 to 1500 micron. Mesh filter bags are designed to increase surface filtration area that retain particles than respective pore sizes. Monofilament & multifilament filter bags possess high flow rate, low pressure drop,, wide chemical compatibility, non-fiber shedding, high removal efficiency and long working life. Mesh liquid filter bags are suitable for a wide range of industrial process, such as filtration of paints and varnishes, chemicals, inks, resins, aggressive solvents and many other processing of crucial industries.

Filter MediaNylon Monofilament, Nylon Multifilament, Polyester Multifilament
Bag DimensionsSize 1: Ø7"×16.5"
Size 2: Ø7"× 32"
Size 3: Ø4"× 8"
Size 4: Ø4"× 14"
Filtration Rating1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 175, 200, 250, 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500 μm
Ring StyleGalvanized Steel O-Ring,  S.S. O-Ring, Plastic Ring
SeamSewn seams standard


● Surface retention filtration

● Wide chemical compatibility

● All industry-standard and custom sizes available

● mesh liquid filter bags have high removal efficiency

● A wide range of retention ratings from 1 to 1500 micron

● Sewn or welded construction with steel or snap seal rings

● Mesh filter bagspossess high flow rate and low pressure drop

Food and BeveragePulp and PaperChemicals, Resins, and Solvents
Vegetable and Animal OilsCutting Fluids and CoolantsPaints, Inks, Dyes and Coatings
Automotive Adhesives and CoatingsMetal Finish & Plating SolutionsMunicipal and Potable Water Systems


The Rating of Different Media for Mesh Liquid Filter Bags

MediaRating (μ)

Nylon Monofilament
Nylon Multifilament

Polyester Multifilament

Chemical Compatibility of  Industrial Mesh Liquid Filter Bags

MaterialMaximum TemperatureAqueous SolutionsOrganic SolventsAlkalisStrong AlkalisWeak AcidsStrong AcidsAnimal & Vegetable Oils
Nylon275° F (135° C)GoodGoodGoodPoorPoorPoorGood
Polyester275° F (135° C)GoodGoodGoodPoorGoodGoodGood

The using situation may have an impact, testing for sample of mesh liquid filter bag is always recommended.

Tech Support


Working Principle of Industrial Mesh Liquid Filter Bags

● The drawing is the working principle of industrial mesh liquid filter bags

● Dirty fluid flow through the mesh liquid filter bags and large particles are trapped

● Mesh filter media traps contaminants on the surface, no sliding sideways during processing

● Clean fluid come out from the other side, high filtration efficiency and long service life with low cost

Multifilament & Monofilament

Multifilament: Mesh media is woven from threads made of smaller fibers, mesh filter bags made from this material are low cost and disposable.

Monofilament: Mesh is woven from single-fiber threads, the openings are square and uniform. Mesh filter bags have excellent strength and some are cleanable.

Order Information
IFBFilter MediaBag DimensionsFiltration RatingRing Style

IFB Series 

Industrial Mesh Liquid Filter Bags

N = Nylon Monofilament1 = Size 1: Ø7"×16.5"1 - 1500μmG = Galvanized Steel O-Ring
M = Nylon Multifilament2 = Size 2: Ø7"× 32"
P = Polyester Multifilament3 = Size 3: Ø4"× 8"U = S.S. O-Ring
4 = Size 4: Ø4"× 14"S = Plastic Ring

For Example:


IFB Series Industrial Mesh Liquid Filter Bags - Nylon Monofilament -  Size 2: Ø7"× 32" - 5 μm - Galvanized Steel O-Ring

Special specificationsIndustrial Mesh Liquid Filter Bags can be customized, such as special bag dimensions, ring style and seam etc.