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The Principle of Activated Carbon Filter

Dec. 22, 2017


Activated carbon adsorption capacity have some certain influences with high or low the water temperature and the water quality. The higher the temperature, the stronger the adsorption capacity of activated carbon;If the water temperature up to above 30 ℃, the adsorption capacity reached its limit and is possibility gradually reduce.When the water quality of acidic, activated carbon adsorption capacity of anionic substances relative weakening; water quality alkaline activated carbon adsorption capacity of cationic substances weakened.Therefore, unstable water quality PH will affect the adsorption capacity of activated carbon.

Activated carbon adsorption principle: Formed in the particle surface layer balance the surface concentration, then the impurities of organic substances adsorbed to activated carbon particles, the initial high adsorption effect. But over time, activated carbon adsorption capacity will be weakened to varying degrees, the adsorption effect also decreases.If the aquarium water turbidity, high organic content in water, activated carbon will soon be the loss of filtration function. The activated carbon should be regular cleaning or replacement.

The size of the granules of activated carbon is also affected on adsorption capacity. In general, the smaller the carbon particles, the greater the filtration area. Therefore, the total area of powder activated carbon adsorption best,but powdered activated carbon is very easy with the water flow into the aquarium, it is difficult to control, is rarely used. Granular activated carbon due to the particles forming the easy flow of organic matter in water and other impurities in the activated carbon filter layer is not easy to block the adsorption capacity to carry easy to replace.

Activated carbon adsorption capacity is proportional to the time in contact with water. The longer the contact time, the better for the filtered water. Note: The filtered water should be slowly out of the filter layer.The new activated carbon should be washed clean before the first use, otherwise the black ink flowing out. Activated carbon in the filter is loaded, bottom and top overlay 2 to 3 cm thick sponge role is to prevent large particles of algae and other impurities to penetrate two to three months, activated carbon, if the filter down effect should be replace with a new activated carbon, and the sponge layer should be changed regularly.

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