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What Type of Cartridge Filters Are Used In Beverage Industry Filtration?

Jul. 17, 2021


Most soft drinks, beer, bottle water and other common beverages contain more than 90% water. Therefore, water quality is essential for tasting delicious beverages. Beverage manufacturers need to conform to strict water quality standards to comply with health regulations, so it is important to choose suitable filtration products. What type of filters are most often used in beverage industry? Let's take a brief look: 

1. Multi-media Filtration Equipment

The multi-media filter is a mechanical filtration equipment with a bed of layered anthracite, sand, finely divided garnet or other material. The principle is to filter the particles of different particle sizes in the water according to the depth. Larger particles are removed on the top layer, and smaller particles are removed deeper in the filter media, so that the water quality reaches the standard after coarse filtration, reduces the SDI (Sludge Density Index) value of the water, and meets the water quality requirements for deep purification.

2. Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon has an adsorption effect and a certain degree of turbidity removal. The main structure and layout of the activated carbon filter are similar to those of the sand filter. Therefore, activated carbon adsorption is also called activated carbon filtration. Activated carbon filtration is mainly used for organic impurities in water and molecular colloidal particles in water. It can also be used for dechlorination, etc. Hongtek has Activated Carbon Filter, which are highly effective in removing odour, bad taste, chlorine spores in water.


3. Sand Core Filter

The core rod filter is also called the sand core filter, which already has approved products in water treatment equipment. It’s mainly suitable for water treatment where the amount of treated water is small and the water contains only organic matter, bacteria and other impurities.

4. Microporous Membrane Pleated Filter

Microporous membrane filtration is a new type of membrane separation technology. It can filter out filtrate, gas particles and bacteria above 0.1μm. It is characterized by high capture capacity, large filtration area, long service life, high filtration accuracy, low resistance, high mechanical strength, no peeling phenomenon, strong acid and alkali resistance and convenient use. This filter can filter out most of the particles, so it is widely used in fine filtration and sterilization processes. Hongtek supply high quality polypropylene Microporous Membrane Pleated Filter Element, which is widely used in the filtration of food industry, drinking water, mineral water, beverage, beer, wine, fruit wine, etc.


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