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How to Choose Filter Element in The Hydraulic Industry?

Jul. 17, 2021


Solid particle pollutants have a great harmful effect on hydraulic systems. Each hydraulic system has its own minimum requirements for the content of pollutants in the liquid, that is, the cleanliness of the system policy. When the content of solid particulate pollutants is lower than the system’s policy cleanliness, the system can operate normally and outstandingly. When the content of solid particulate pollutants is higher than the system’s policy cleanliness, the function, reliability and life service will be affected.

Because of external intrusion and internal generation, the hydraulic system inevitably adds a lot of solid particulate pollutants during operation. Therefore, it is necessary for the hydraulic system to continuously remove solid particle pollutants in order to ensure the completion of the cleanliness of the system policy. The filter element in the filter completes the function of removing particulate pollutants. So how do we choose the right filter element?


1. Consideration of the filter material

The condition of the filter material includes: the nature and precision of the filter material, the pleating height and number of the filter material, the structure method of the filter material (corrugated type, mesh type, sealing joint size, force frame thickness; filter material type, pore size and the flow direction of the medium on the filter material. Hongtek provides a series of filter element, such as melt blown cartridges, String Wound Cartridges and Pleated Filter Cartridges, that are suitable for pre-filtration of hydraulic industry filtration process.


2. Know the viscosity of liquids

When selecting filter element, a fact that is often overlooked is the liquid viscosity. In fact, viscosity has a great influence on the selection of filter element. Failure to understand the importance of liquid viscosity may result in the selection of filter element specifications that are too small, the pressure drop is too high and the pollution indicator will alarm prematurely, etc. On the contrary, it is also possible that the filter element specifications are selected too large, resulting in excessive investment costs and operating replacement costs.

3. Understand the working temperature range of hydraulic system

The user needs to understand the hydraulic system clearly enough to evaluate its rated operating temperature range, so that the most accurate minimum temperature can be used as the basis for the selection of filter element. The correct selection of the operating temperature range can ensure that the filter element will not enter the bypass mode in advance, avoiding excessive selection of the filter element.

The filter element is a consumable part in the hydraulic system. Choosing a suitable filter element not only saves costs, but also prolongs the service life of the hydraulic system. Hongtek has been deeply involved in the filter element industry for decades, and has always taken it as its mission to provide customers with reliable filter elements. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us, our professional team will give you fully support!

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