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What's The Best Treatment Solution For Condensate Water?

Dec. 27, 2021


Condensate water in power plants includes steam turbine condensate and various drains. Most of the suspended matter in the condensed water is insoluble, such as iron oxide, iron hydroxide and other corrosion products. They can not be removed by ion exchange. If the corrosion products in the condensed water are not treated, they will be sent to the boiler and deposited on the parts with high heat load to generate iron scale, which will affect the heat transfer and safe operation of the furnace tube.

At present, there are several domestic condensate treatment solutions as following:

1. Iron Remover

The iron remover currently used in China has poor iron removal effect, high failure rate and low utilization rate.

2. String Wound Filter Housing or Melt Blown Cartridge Filter Housing

Due to their large footprint, large pressure difference, small flow and troublesome replacement of the filter element, the use of of traditional string wound filter housing and melt blown cartridge filter housing has great limitations and the efficiency of iron removal is not high.

3. Condensate Polishing Treatment

The condensate polishing effect is better than the above two treatment solutions, but it occupies a large area and high investment and maintenance costs. The resin needs to be regenerated after failure, and it is difficult to regenerate after being contaminated by iron. Generally, there is a pre-filter before finishing.


4. Hongtek High Flow Stainless Steel Filter Housing

Hongtek High Flow Stainless Steel Filter Housing has the characteristics of of large filtration flux, small pressure difference, small footprint, high precision and convenient installation. It can quickly eliminate solids such as iron oxide in the system.

HFA High Flow Pleated Filter allows high flow media to pass through the filter material, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low pressure drop and long service life. The inside and outside structure of the filter element makes it easy to replace the filter element while keeping the contaminants inside the filter element. Multiple filter elements can be installed in the filter housing, and a wide flow range can be used, whether it is starting or continuous operation. The filter element is durable, and the filter housing can be configured the least and most economically.


Install Hongtek BCH Series High Flow Filter Housing on the condensate system, which can effectively remove solid particles in the water, significantly reduce the dissolution of metal ions in the system, the scaling of boiler water walls caused by iron ions, and the elimination of undesirable consequences caused by corrosion under scale. It completes the control of iron and other solid particles in the start-up phase with high efficiency and low cost, saving valuable time for the unit to start.

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