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How to Filter and Reuse LCD Wastewater?

Jan. 07, 2020


Methods for making ultra-pure water: Raw Water- Multi-media Filtration - Precise Filtration - RO treatment- Electrodeionization

Characterized by uniform composition and low concentrate, LCD washing wastewater could be treated into ultra-pure water directly by the combination of RO and Electrodeionization treatment, which could benefit economically and environmentally.

1. Multi-media Filtration

In the very first step, the relatively clear liquid could be obtained by using the multi-media filter which commonly made of quartz sand, anthracite and activated carbon block to get rid of the impurities in the raw water like suspended solids, colloidal matter, bacterial, etc.. 

2. Precise Filtration

Pumping the liquid into the security filter to remove the smaller impurities with diameter more than 1 micron, thus improving the service life of RO system and reduce the overall cost.

Have you ever noticed how much is the traditional filter cartridges costing your project? With times past by requirement and development, the traditional filter cartridges put a strain on efficiency and space. Besides, frequent replacement leads to higher labor costs and maintenance downtime. Hongtek 40inch HFA Series High Flow Filter and MP Series High Flow Filter Cartridge could perfectly help to solve the above problems, and the pictures for your reference as below:

                           high-flow-cartridge.jpg high-flow-filter-cartridge.jpg

3. RO Treatment

Under the pressure of the pump, the removal of impurities like inorganic salt, colloid substances and bacteria is achieved with RO membrane.

4. Electrodeionization

Pumping the filtered liquid into the Electrodeionization device to process Ion Exchange. After that, you could get the ultra-pure water that meets the requirement of LCD Washing.

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