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How to Choose the Suitable Filter Bag Housing for Your Industry?

Nov. 20, 2021


As we all know, high efficiency equipment such as bag filter housing has been widely used in our life and production, and has solved many problems of industrial water, domestic water and environmental pollution for us. Then how should we to choose the right filter bag housing for different working conditions?

1. The Bag Filter Housing could be selected according to four parameters of the inlet and outlet pipe diameter, pressure, material, and flow rate. The specific filtering effect to be achieved depends on the accuracy of the filter screen and filter bag.

2. If the viscosity of the filter medium is too high, the flow rate of the system will also be slightly lower, so when selecting the right filter housing, it must be choose higher flow rate than your theoretical flow rate.


3. If the sewage contains a lot of impurities, the filter bag of the equipment will be replaced frequently, which affects production. Therefore, the filter area must be increased to achieve the filtering effect.

4. If your filtration accuracy requirements are high, the precision of the filter screen will also be high, and the resistance will be strong when filtering. Therefore, you need to choose a multi-bag filter housing. Several filter bags are filtered at the same time to reduce resistance and pressure, in order to better protect the equipment.


There are many types of filter bag for the bag filter housing. They have different material and the filtrates they deal with also have different physical and chemical properties. In the process of filtering, the material of the filter bag must be compatible with filtrates and can not react chemically, and the filter bag must also face the same pressure and temperature changes as the filtrate. The filter bag must be able to maintain its fixed structure, the pore size do not change, and it can not be softened, broken or released in order to provide stable and uniform filtration quality.

Generally speaking, to filter filtrate with relatively high polarity such as acid-base salt, you can choose PP (Polypropylene) Filter Bags, and filter solvents and other relatively low polarity filtrate, choose PE (polyester) or NY ( nylon) material filter bag.

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