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Filtration Process of Bottled Mineral Water

Jul. 22, 2021

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Bottled mineral water is generally divided into natural mineral water with healthy bacteria from artificial groundwater source; artificial mineral water from high quality spring water or distilled water after adding inorganic dissolved; mixed mineral water prepared from different natural mineral water according to the material composition in proportion. With the progress of human science and technology and the continuous improvement of living standards, bottled mineral water is becoming more and more popular.

Production Process of Bottled Mineral Water: Water Diversion & Aeration-Primary Filtration-Precision Filtration-Sterilization-Filling-Inspection & Packaging.

1. Water Diversion & Aeration

Diversion is generally divided into two parts: underground and surface. The underground part refers to the introduction of mineral water from underground to the outlet above ground. The mineral water needs to be sealed to avoid mixing of surface water. Generally, the method of digging water is used to divert water. The surface part refers to bringing the mineral water from the most appropriate underwater depth to the ground, and then processing it. Aeration refers to the full contact between the raw mineral water and the purified air to remove the carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other gases from it, and cause oxidation, usually including degassing and oxidation.

2. Primary Filtration

After the raw water is aerated, use a sand tank filled with quartz sand and activated carbon filter material for primary filtration, which mainly removes large particles of impurities, insoluble suspended matter, macromolecular microorganisms and some macromolecular organic matter, bacteria, viruses and other impurities in the raw water. Prepare for the next level of more sophisticated filtration treatment.

3. Precision Filtration

The raw water after the primary filtration is pumped into the security filter for more precise filtration treatment, mainly to remove the smaller diameter particles, insoluble suspended matter, small molecule microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and other impurities remaining after the primary filtration. The security filter is generally installed with PP, PES, PTFE and other materials folded filter elements. Here are some HONGTEK Pleated Filter Elements that often used in bottled mineral water filtration for your reference:


4. Sterilization

The sterilization of bottled mineral water generally adopts ozone sterilization and ultraviolet sterilization. Ozone sterilization treatment: dissolve 0.01-5ppm ozone in mineral water, then fill it into the container and seal it to deactivate the bacteria and viruses in the container. UV sterilization treatment: sterilization is carried out by irradiating water with ultraviolet rays. It uses a wavelength of 254nm to act on nucleic acids, protoplasmic proteins and enzymes through microorganisms to make the adjacent thymine bonds on DNA synthesize dimers, so that DNA loses its transcription ability and prevents proteins from producing by-products to achieve the effect of sterilization.

5. Filling

The filling process refers to the process of filling sterilized mineral water into a sterilized packaging container. At present, automatic filling machines are generally used in production in aseptic workshops. In order to prevent the air in the filling room from polluting the filling process, the floor of the filling room should be disinfected with ozone water or disinfectant every day. Clothes, hats, masks, etc. Should be disinfected and replaced in time, and chlorine dioxide or conventional disinfectants should be used in the foot fool.

6. Inspection & Packaging

Test the bottled mineral water after filling and capping. Put the bottled mineral water that passed the inspection on the printed label, then pack it into the box according to the packaging requirements, and put it in the warehouse.

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