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Filtration Process of Fruit and Vegetable Juice

May. 06, 2021


Fruit and vegetable juice is generally divided into clarified fruit and vegetable juice, turbid fruit and vegetable juice and concentrated fruit and vegetable juice. The general production process is followed by raw material cleaning and selection, squeezing juice or extraction, clarification, Filtration, blending, sterilization and filling.

1. Cleaning and Selection

To make fruit and vegetable juice, you should choose fresh, mature and aromatic raw materials, throughly rinse and wash the raw materials and then select the raw materials to eliminate rotten fruits to ensure the production of high-quality fruit and vegetable juices.

2. Squeezing and Extraction

There are two methods for extracting juice from fruit and vegetables: squeezing and extraction. Generally, fruit and vegetables with more juice use the squeezing method, which must be crushed before squeezing juice, while the fruits and vegetables with less juice and more pectin are generally used to extract the juice.

3. Clarification

Before the clarification process, the raw juice is screened and filtered, mainly to remove coarse particles and suspended solids dispersed in the fruit and vegetable juice. The method of clarification of fruit and vegetable juice is mainly divided into two types: natural precipitation and precipitation by adding clarifying agent.

4. Filtration

After the fruit and vegetable juice is clarified, the plate and frame filter can be used for coarse filtration, and then the combined filtration system of Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration can be used for fine filtration. The microfiltration system generally uses a security filtration system composed of Filter Element or Filter Bag and stainless steel filter. The ultrafiltration system generally use Ultrafiltration membrane modules.

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5. Sterilization and Filling

In order to ensure the quality of fruit and vegetable juice, sterilization of fruit and vegetable juice is essential. The methods of sterilization include high temperature or pasteurization and high temperature instantaneous sterilization. Then according to the packaging requirements of fruit and vegetable juice to choose hot filling or cold filling for packaging.

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