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Filtration Process of Soy Sauce

May. 06, 2021


Soy sauce is a seasoning liquid with special color, aroma and taste made from protein raw materials and starch raw materials through microbial fermentation. According to fermentation process, it can be divided into high-salt dilute fermented soy sauce and low-salt solid fermented soy sauce.

Soy Sauce Production Process: Raw Soy Sauce Pretreatment - Blending - Filtration - Heat Sterilization - Quality Inspection and Package

1. Raw Soy Sauce Pretreatment  

Pour the cleaned soybeans into the steaming pot and cook for 1 hour at 100℃. After cooling, add the flour and stir. And then leave it to settle for 1 month after a series of complex processes.


2. Blending

Extract the clear liquid from the precipitated raw soy sauce, recover the soy sauce residue and filter the remaining oil by pressing. According to the variety and quality requirements, add appropriate amount of salt, preservatives and freshness additives to make the soy sauce meet quality standard requirements of sensory indicators, physical and chemical indicators and hygienic indicators.


3. Filtration

In order to ensure the high quality of soy sauce, it is very important to choose suitable filtration equipment to remove the sediment in the soy sauce. Since soy sauce contains a lot of salt, so it usually adopts a sanitary bag filter made of corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel to filter it. Moreover, the filter bag installed in the bag filter is also required to meet food-grade standards.


4. Heat Sterilization

Heat and sterilize the filtered raw soy sauce at 100℃ for 30 minutes. After heating and sterilizing, place the soy sauce in an unsealed space to cool naturally until the temperature drops below 60℃ and then pump it into the storage tank. After 7 days of clarification, the residue is drained, and the clarified liquid is pumped into the filling truck for filling


5. Quality Inspection and Package

The soy sauce is inspected according to the required various indicators. After the inspection is qualified, the soy sauce is filled into the cleaned bottle with a filling machine, and then to do package by packaging machine.

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