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Why Choose High Flow Pleated Filter Instead of Melt Blown Cartridges?

May. 13, 2021


At present, there are two commonly used security filter elements, one is the more traditional melt-blown cartridge filter with a relatively simple process, and the other is high flow pleated filter with more and more applications now, which process is relatively novel and the technology is higher.

The Melt Blown Filter Cartridge is a made of polypropylene particles through heating, melting, spinning, traction and forming. It's widely used in various liquid prefiltration industries with the advantages of high flow rate, uniform structure, great loading capacity and long service life. 


However, compared with melt blown cartridges, the high flow pleated filters have the following advantages:

1. Smaller Footprint

The high flow filter housing occupies a small space, which could be 33~50% smaller than ordinary security filters.

2. Higher Filtration Efficiency

With 5-layer media structure, high flow filter has stronger dirt holding capacity and the rejection ratio could reach above 99%.

3. Higher Flow Rate

The designed flow capacity for per 40" high flow filter is 30m3/h, while the flow capacity for per 40" melt blown cartridge is about 2m3/h.

4. Lower Replacement and Maintenance Cost

Under the same flow rate, the number of filter element can be reduced by more than 90%, which saves more than 80% of replacement time.

Hongtek High Flow Filter adopts the most advanced deep filtration technology at present, and has a 5-layer media structure with uniform gradient, which has a greater loading capacity and a longer service life. What's more, the filter material adopts imported membrane, which ensures very high filtration accuracy and filtration stability.


All in all, the high flow pleated filter is gradually becoming the mainstream in the security filtration process, and the melt blown filter cartridge is slowly being eliminated due to its own limitations. If you need any further assistance on how to choose the right type high flow filter for your project, you could feel free to contact with us. We are sure any of your inquiry will get get our prompt attention and reply!

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