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Why Choose Hongtek Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridges?

May. 13, 2020

Pleated high flow filter cartridge with OD 6" becomes an ideal choice for many users because of high flow, labor & time cost saving compared to traditional OD 2.5" water filter cartridges.

There are so many high flow filter cartridges in the market, but how to find a suitable one that fits your requirement:

1, Multi-layers membrane structure & higher effective filtration area

2, Number of pleated counts for the increase of filtration surface area

3, High flow rate with low pressure drop?in the purpose of cost saving

4, Outside hard cage?in order to make stable structure and good sealing

5, Longer service time than low quality under same water system help to save costs

Hongtek pleated high flow filter elements provide longer service life owing to rigid outer cage, higher flow rate with lower pressure drop and good quality filtration media.(Shown as photos below)


What's more, Hongtek high flow filter cartridges are good quality and economic cost. Commended by our clients worldwide: Hongtek people are confident about high flow water filter cartridges and help us enter more markets.

Trust Hongtek and we can supply high quality pleated high flow filter cartridges with good quality and fast delivery, built up a win-win long-term business relationship.

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