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How to Maintain the UF Membrane Modules?

Jun. 15, 2020

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Recent years the ultrafiltration technology has developed rapidly, and it has been widely used in various fields now, such as Food&Beverage, Pharmaceutical Water, Sea Water Desalination, Semiconductor Wastewater, Domestic sewage treatment, Municipal sewage advanced treatment reuse, etc. Because of the global increasing investment in water and wastewater treatment, we should properly maintain the operation of the ultrafiltration membrane system, thereby extending the life of the ultrafiltration membrane module and saving filtration costs.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the ultrafiltration membrane system, we need to inspect and maintain the ultrafiltration membrane system every day. The daily maintenance of the ultrafiltration membrane system includes:

1. Check the pipes and membrane modules of the ultrafiltration system everyday. If there is leakage, they should be shut down in time and replace leaking pipelines or membrane modules.

2. Record the operating parameters according to the requirements every day, and determine whether the system is faulty according to the water yield, pressure and water quality. If the system fails, it should be resolved in time.

3. Check the automatic valve once a month, if there is water leakage or air leakage, you should first check whether the valve is leaking or the leak at the interface between the valve and the pipeline. If the interface between the valve and the pipeline is leaking, the sealing ring should be replaced in time. If the valve is leaking, a new valve needs to be replaced.

4. Calibrate the pressure gauge and flow meter regularly. In general, the pressure gauge should be calibrated less than half a year, and the flow meter should be calibrated every 3 months. If the value of the pressure gauge or flow meter deviates greatly, the pressure and flow may exceed the tolerance range of the filter system, thereby damaging the filter system and shortening the service life.

5. Regularly check the temperature of the centrifugal pump and motor, the temperature is generally controlled between 65-85℃. If the temperature is too high, it may be caused by not changing the lubricating oil for a long time or there is sediment at the bearing. You need to change the lubricating oil in time or clean the sediment at the bearing. At the same time, check whether the centrifugal pump leaks, if leaks should be dealt with in time.

If the ultrafiltration membrane system is stopped for a long time, the ultrafiltration system needs to be cleaned and maintained to ensure that the ultrafiltration membrane modules are not contaminated. If the shutdown time is within one week, it can run 30-60 minutes a day in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. If the shutdown time is more than one week, manual air washing should be performed before the ultrafiltration system stops running. After injection of protective liquid (1% sodium bisulfite solution), close all the valves on the system, and check the PH value of the protection liquid every month, if the PH≤3, the protection liquid should be replaced in time. When the ultrafiltration membrane system is shut down for a long time and then restart, the protective fluid should be rinsed until there is no foam in the drainage, then the ultrafiltration membrane system can be put back into use.

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