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MBR Installation Specification

Aug. 13, 2020


As one of the main equipment in sewage treatment today, MBR membrane modules are often used in the treatment of domestic sewage, municipal sewage and printing sewage. If you want the MBR membrane modules to operate efficiently in wastewater treatment, the MBR membrane modules must be installed correctly in accordance with specifications. Let us take a look at what inspection preparations should be done before the MBR membrane runs.

MBR Membrane Module Inspection and Setting

1. First of all, we must confirm whether the connection between the sewage pipe and air pipe is correct (correct connection errors in time);

2. Confirm that the MBR membrane module is firmly fixed on the aeration box;

3. Confirm that the reaction tank where the MBR membrane module is installed has been cleaned, to avoid dust, dirt and other damage to the membrane module;

4. Before putting clean water into the reaction tank, open the air discharge valve to allow the air in the MBR membrane module to be completely discharged;

5. Put the water that needs to be treated or tap water to the normal water level;

6. After the waterproofing is completed, close the air discharge valve.

Introduction to Clean Water Operation

1. After the aeration blower is started, confirm the aeration volume and the uniformity of the aeration. Note that foam may appear when the water is running. Foaming may be caused by the infusible hydrophilic substance in the MBR membrane module and can be ignored;

2. If one blower is used to supply air to multiple MBR membrane modules, then we must ensure that each membrane module gets the same amount of air. If the air supply gap is large, please carefully check the pipeline structure and air supply situation to keep the air supply consistent;

3. Check the performance of the control equipment during the debugging and running of the clean water to see if the performance has reached the pre-designed effect (deal with the problem in time);

4. When debugging the clean water, it is necessary to accurately measure the amount of filtered water, such as the pressure difference between the membranes and the water temperature when the flow is large or small, and record it;

5. Stop the aeration and filtration operation immediately after the clean water commissioning;


MBR Membrane Pool Seed Sludge

The MBR membrane module must be put into seed sludge before it is actually used. Because if the raw water is separated directly without adding seed sludge, it will easily cause membrane blockage and other situation. Specific seed sludge placement can refer to the following points:

1. Users should prepare the sludge in advance that used to treat the same kind of wastewater. It is recommended to use seed sludge with MLSS concentration of 20000mg/l;

2. Put the raw water in time after putting the seed sludge into it, and use a grid with a gap below 5mm to remove impurities;

3. After the seed sludge is put in, the MLSS concentration should reach 7000mg/l or more (here you need to be careful not to use inoculants);

MBR Membrane Module Operation

After the MBR membrane module inspection is completed and the seed sludge is put in, the aeration operation can be started, and after aeration, the raw water could be filtered. When the filtered water volume is stable, the pressure between the membranes, the water temperature and other data should be recorded to make future maintenance, inspection, and repair more convenient. Observe more and record more when the test is running, and deal with problems in time.

Before installing the membrane module, check the inside of the piping and remove foreign matter, and keep the pipes, pools, and pumps clean during construction. Clean up after construction and flush the piping according to the designed flow rate to remove foreign objects and residues during construction, and check these equipment before starting work. The raw water pump, suction pump, blower, and pharmaceutical piping should also be flushed. In order to prevent foreign matter from entering the cleaned pool, cover it with a cover and plastic film.

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