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The Application for Membrane Pleated Filter in Semiconductor Industry

Nov. 06, 2021


When filtering etching liquids and stripping liquids for semiconductor manufacturing, and liquid crystal raw materials for LCD TVs, the requirements for chemical resistance and elution of the filter element are very strict. As an absolute filter medium, the microporous membrane pleated filter element is usually used as a precision filter in the electronics industry, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

The PTFE Membrane Pleated Filter provided by Hongtek has strong hydrophobicity and can be used in many fields, especially in the microelectronics and semiconductor industries. This film can protect the equipment from external water vapor, volatile organic compounds, acid gas, etc.


1. Filtration of ultrapure water:

1)Prevent the activated carbon powder, resin powder, and microbial pollution released from each unit in the central water production system from entering the distribution system

2)Reduce user's particulate pollution

3)Remove a large number of particles in the central water generation system, which can greatly extend the service life of the microporous membrane pleated filter cartridges.

2. Filtration of high purity reagents:

Another application in the electronics industry and semiconductor industry is the filtration of high-purity reagents. In order to remove microparticles in high-purity reagents, the microporous Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge is the most widely used. Its selected membranes and structures are all made of PTFE, PFA, PVDF, and the filtration accuracy is from 0.1~3micron.


3. The feature and advantage for Hongtek PTFE membrane pleated filter

1)Strong hydrophobicity, high mechanical strength           

2)High flow rate

3)Long sterilization life, reduce costs                     

4)Chemical resistance, high temperature resistance

5)Resistance to soaking in a humid environment 

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