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How to do Integrity Testing for Your Pleated Membrane Filter?

Apr. 24, 2022


1. What's Integrity Testing for Filter Cartridge?

The filter cartridge integrity testing is an experiment used to detect parameters such as filter cartridge diffusion flow, bubble point, etc. The experiment has the advantages of convenient detection and good reliability. The hydrophilic membrane filter cartridge is tested with pure water, and the hydrophobic Membrane Filter Cartridge is tested with 60% IPA.

Before using the automatic integrity tester, please confirm the accuracy of the integrity tester, check the air tightness of the filter housing, and check whether the intake pressure meets the requirements (requires the intake pressure to be set at 5~7bar), and the test temperature set to 20~25℃.


2. Components

Filter housing, pressure gage, combined joints, clean air sources, liquid pumps, water tanks(solvent tanks), pipe fittings, etc.(see the following diagram for details)



3. Operating Steps

Wetting process (the parameters described below are the setting parameters of the hydrophilic Membrane 0.2um Filter Cartridge as an example)

1) Complete the connection as shown above      

2) Close valve 1 and 3; open valves 2,4 and the vent valve, open the fluid pump, control valve 4, and close the vent valve after the water comes out of the vent valve, and start to rinse and moisten the filter cartridge.

3) Fully open valve 4, rinse quickly for 5 to 10 seconds, adjust valve 4, control pressure gage 1 to show about P1=4~4.5bar, according to the flow rate of more than 5 L/min per 10", rinse the wet filter cartridge for more than 10 minutes; The greater the flow rate and the longer the time during flushing, the easier it is to wet the filter cartridge, and the more accurate the test result will be.


A. Enables easier and more complete wetting of the filter cartridge, ensuring accurate bubble point testing.

B.To ensure the cleanliness of the filter cartridge.


Integrity Test

Turn off the water pump, close valves 2 and 4, open valve 3, connect the machine air pipe to the instrument connection port, and then open valve 1 to do the testing. It is recommended that customers test the diffusion flow data first, and then test the bubble point data

4. Matters Need Attention

1) The filter cartridge must be fully saturated. If the integrity of the filter cartridge does not meet the requirements, please re-wet it according to the above wetting method, and then do the bubble point.

2) If the test fails, there are several possibilities: The first reason is the operating method problem. It may be that the filter membrane is not wet enough and needs to be rewetted. It may also be that the socket seal is not good. Check whether the O-ring is damaged or loose and reinstall it. The second reason is that the filter cartridge has structural damage after use.

3) Note the operating conditions marked in bold font.

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