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Saudi Arabia Water Desalination Stations

Dec. 22, 2017


Water and electricity department minister of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Bhasin said the Saudi Desalination Department has 28 desalination plants and power plants, desalination capacity of 3.5 million cubic meters pre day, associated with 87,000 MWh, has become the world's largest desalinated water producer in 2020.


Bhasin is estimated that in 2020 the Saudi investments in the construction and transportation of water desalination stations will reach 65 billion riyals; Saudi Electricity Company will invest 500 billion riyals in the production, transportation, and distribution areas, to meet the Saudi domestic the growing demand for water and electricity.

By then, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East will require more accessory equipment and reverse osmosis membrane technology.In RO pre-filtration step, use micron filters to remove large particles of impurities, to effectively protect the RO membrane can save more cost and space, may recommend using pleated high flow filter cartridges to have better filtration effects and longer service life !

Therefore, we must be ready to help more people in need, protecting the living environment, and create a better tomorrow !

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