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How to Select the Suitable Filter Cartridges for Electroplating Filtration?

Dec. 07, 2022


Electroplating solutions are generally divided into zinc plating, copper plating, nickel plating, chromium plating and tin plating solutions, etc. Because the impurities accumulated in the plating solution will cause the appearance defects and functional failures of the plating parts, a filtering system must be installed to remove the impurities in the plating solution. The equipment of the filtration system generally chooses PP or PVC filter housing, and the most widely used filter consumables are Melt Blown Cartridges, Liquid Filter Bags, String Wound Cartridge, Carbon Filter Cartridges, etc. Let us take a look at how to choose a suitable filter cartridges in the electroplating filtration process.

Particulate Pollutant Filtration

The particulate pollutant filtration system is mainly to remove particulate pollutants in the electroplating solution and improve the quality of the plating of the electroplating parts. Since the electroplating solution is usually acidic or alkaline, the filter consumables generally choose String Wound Cartridges, Melt Blown Cartridges or Liquid Filter Bags of PP materials.


Organic Chemical Pollutant Filtration

The organic chemical pollutant filtration system mainly removes the organic chemical pollutants and chlorine in the electroplating solution, and generally removes the pollutants in the electroplating solution through the interception and adsorption function of activated carbon. Because the sulfur contained in the coal-based carbon material will become a pollutant in the electroplating solution, the filter consumables usually choose coconut material Carbon Block Cartridges or Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Filter Cartridges.


At present, the electroplating solution is usually filtered by a continuous circulating filtration method. Compared with the filtration efficiency, this filtration method requires a higher flow rate of the filter. Therefore, when designing the electroplating solution filtration system, a test device should be used to test the electroplating solution to obtain the measured flow data. When designing the flow rate of the filter hosing, the design flow rate should be appropriately increased to avoid affecting the production efficiency due to insufficient flow rate.

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