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OPF Series Oilfield Pleated Filter CartridgesOPF Series Oilfield Pleated Filter CartridgesOPF Series Oilfield Pleated Filter Cartridges

OPF Series Oilfield Pleated Filter Cartridges


OPF Series Oilfield Pleated Filter Cartridges are made of PP, Polyester or Borosilicate Glass Fiber pleated media. Pleated design enlarges the filtration area, having superior flow characteristics with very low pressure drop compared to depth media of micron rating filters. Oilfield pleated filters have high dirt holding capacity, and long service life with stable filtration efficiency, therefore, they are used widely in significant industrial applications: oil field, power plant circulated water treatment, petroleum industry, solvents, selected acids & lyes and chemical industry etc.

Filter MediaPP, PET or Borosilicate Glass Fiber
Length10", 20", 30", 40"
Outside Diameter2.75"(70mm)
Filtration Rating1μm, 2μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 50μm
Center CorePolypropylene, ABS
End Cap MaterialPolypropylene, ABS
Seal MaterialSilicone, EPDM, NBR, Viton
Outer CagePolypropylene, ABS
End Cap TypesDOE, 222/Flat, 222/Fin, 226/Flat, 226/Fin


● High dirt holding capacity, high flow rate and low pressure drop

● Oilfield filter cartridges have long service life with economical cost

● Various filter media are available with wide chemical compatibility

● Pleated design and large filtration area provide good filtration effect

● Constructured with advanced thermal welding technology to seal all components

Oil FieldPetroleum industryMetal Treatment 
Pre Filtration ROCompletion FluidsWaste Water
Pharmaceutic IndustryPower Plant Circulated Water Treatment

Solvents, Selected Acids & Lyes, Chemical Industry


Operation Data for Oilfield Pleated Filter Cartridges

Maximum Operating Temperature80 ℃ (176℉)
Max. Differential Pressure4.8 bar at 20℃ (70 psi at 68℉)
3.4 bar at 50℃ (50 psi at 122℉)
Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure2.4 bar (35 psi)
Max. Recommend Flow 6 m³/hr per 40" cartridge (26 GPM)

Pressure Drop vs Flow Rate for 40" Oilfield Pleated Cartridge


Order Information
OPFMaterialLengthMicron RatingEnd CapGasket/O-ringOutside

OPF Series

Oilfield Pleated Filter Cartridges

PP = Polypropylene10 = 10"1 = 1μmA = 222/FlatS = SiliconeN = Netting
20 = 20"2 = 2μmB = 222/FinE = EPDM
PET = Polyester30 = 30"5 = 5μmF = 226/FlatR = NBR
10 = 10μmH = 226/FinC = Cage
GF = Borosilicate Glass Fiber40 = 40"20 = 20μmDOE = Double Open EndV = Viton
50 = 50μm

For Example:


OPF Series Oilfield Pleated Filter Cartridges - Borosilicate Glass Fiber - 40" - 5μm - 222/Flat - EPDM - Cage