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UFM160 Series 6UFM160 Series 6UFM160 Series 6

UFM160 Series 6" PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Module


Hongtek UFM160 Series 6" PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Module are made of high quality modified PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, which has higher chemical stability, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and long service life. After special hydrophilic treatment, the PVDF ultrafiltration membrane has permanent hydrophilic properties, which can ensure a high water production flux even at a lower transmembrane pressure. PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane uniform void distribution can well overcome the blockage of particles and ensure the stability good quality of produced water. PVDF UF membrane has a high breaking strength and elongation ability, which can effectively reduce the probability of breaking film filaments.

Element sizeØ160×1810mm
Membrane materialPVDF
Active membrane area40m²
ID/OD of hollow fiber0.8mm/1.3mm
MWCO200000 Dalton
Filtration rating0.1 micron
Material of end sealEpoxy resins
Material of housingUPVC
Inlet pipeDN40 OD 40mm PVC pipe
Produced water outlet pipeDN40 OD 40mm PVC pipe
Concentrated water outlet pipeDN40 OD 40mm PVC pipe


● PVDF hollow fiber UF is antioxidant, stain resistant, easy to clean

● PVDF hollow fiber UF has large membrane flux, stable water output and long service life

● PVDF UF membrane can be cleaned by air and water, high membrane flux recovery rate

● Small footprint, easy replacement, low voltage operation, saving electricity and labor costs

● The quality of the produced water is good, the water recovery rate is high, which effectively saves water resources


● Surface water treatment

● RO system pretreatment

● Mineral water production line

● Drinking water treatment of tap water

● Industrial wastewater deep treatment reuse

● Residential and commercial water treatment

● Municipal sewage advanced treatment and recycling

Membrane water flow modeOutside to inside
Operation mode Cross-flow filtration or dead end filtration
Pure water flow8,000L/H (0.15MPa, 25℃)
Designed water flow40-120L/m².hr (0.15MPa, 25℃)
Maximum operating pressure0.2Mpa
Maximum transmembrane pressure0.15MPa
Operating temperature range5-45℃
Influent water turbidity<25NTU
Produced water turbidity<1NTU
Produced water SS≤1mg/L
Produced water SDI≤3
Operation PH RangeWorking: 4-10; Washing: 2-12
Bacterial virus removal rate>4log
Air Washing Volume0.1-0.15N m3/m².hr
Air Washing Pressure≤0.1MPa

Work principle of PVDF ultrafiltration membrane


● PVDF UF membrane water flow mode is from outside to inside

● PVDF ultrafiltration membrane fiber pore size distribution is uniform and larger filtration area

● PVDF ultrafiltration has strong anti-staining ability, resistant to acid and alkali & long working life

● The filtration rarting of PVDF UF membrane is 0.1 micron, particles are trapped by the membrane wall

● Water, small molecules and ions pass through the membrane walls under pressure to form ultrafiltrate

● Outside to inside flow mode of PVDF hollow fiber UF ensure the stability good quality of produced water

Tech Support

Project Case of 6" PVDF Ultrafiltration Membrane Module


PVDF Ultrafiltration equipment in power plants 18000m³/d

Process: Surface water - Integrated water purifier - Automatic cleaning filter - PVDF UF membrane - RO membrane - Water supply

Equipment parameters: UFM160 Series 6" PVDF UF membrane module, 40pcs/group, 4 groups, 160pcs in total, design operating flux 65L/m².h

Feeding Water Requirements

*Before feeding water, It is recommended that the particles of raw water should be less than 50 microns after the security filter.

Oil & Grease≤2mg/L
Suspended Solid (SS)≤20mg/L
Total Iron≤1mg/L
Continuous Residual Chlorine≤5ppm
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)Suggested ≤500mg/L

*Material of UF membrane is polymer organic plastic, there must not be any organic solvents in raw water.

Backwashing Parameters

Maximum Backwashing Pressure0.2MPa
Backwashing Flow Rate100-150L/m².h
Backwashing FrequencyEvery 30-60min
Backwashing Duration30-60s
CEB Frequency0-4 times per day
CEB Duration5-10min
CIP FrequencyEvery 1-3 months
Sterilization15ppm Sodium Hypochlorite
Organic Pollution Washing0.2% Sodium Hypochlorite + 0.1% Sodium Hydroxide
Inorganic Pollution Washing 1-2% Citric Acid/0.2% Hydrochloric Acid