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UFM250 Series 10" PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Module


Hongtek UFM250 Series 10" PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Module is an international advanced technology for liquid separation and water purification. Hollow fiber UF membrane is made of modified PVDF with micropores evenly distributed on the membrane wall, the feed liquid flows into or out of the membrane under the influence of pressure. Solvents or small molecules can permeate through the membrane to become a pure liquid, while macromolecules, colloidal particles, and bacterial are retained and flowed out by the circulating fluid to become a concentrated solution. PVDF UF membrane module is a ideal filter material used for water treatment.

Element sizeØ250×1710mm
Membrane materialModified PVDF
Active membrane area78m²
ID/OD of hollow fiber0.8mm/1.3mm
MWCO200000 Dalton
Filtration rating0.1 micron
Material of end sealEpoxy resins
Material of housingUPVC
Inlet pipeDN50 Clamping OD 56mm PVC pipe
Produced water outlet pipeDN50 Clamping OD 56mm PVC pipe
Concentrated water outlet pipeDN50 Clamping OD 56mm PVC pipe


● MWCO of PVDF UF membrane is 200K Dalton

● Low pressure operation, saving energy consumption and replacement cost

● PVDF UF membrane is strong oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance

● The effluent water quality is stable and the removal rate of impurities is high

● Hollow fiber UF membrane module is large flow, good filtration effect and longe service life


● Cooling water system

● Sea water desalination

● Pretreatment of RO & NF

● Food and beverage processing

● Boiler feed and condensate system

● Industrial waste water treatment and reuse

● Textile printing & dyeing industry water treatment

Membrane water flow modeOutside to inside
Operation mode Cross-flow filtration or dead end filtration
Pure water flow15,000L/H (0.15MPa, 25℃)
Designed water flow40-120L/m².hr (0.15MPa, 25℃)
Maximum operating pressure0.2Mpa
Maximum transmembrane pressure0.15MPa
Operating temperature range5-45℃
Influent water turbidity<25NTU
Produced water turbidity<1NTU
Produced water SS≤1mg/L
Produced water SDI≤3
Operation PH Range 2-12
Bacterial virus removal rate>4log
Air Washing Volume0.1-0.15N m3/m².hr
Air Washing Pressure≤0.1MPa

Work principle of PVDF hollow fiber UF membrane


● PVDF hollow fiber UF membrane water flow mode is from outside to inside

● PVDF UF membrane fiber pore size distribution is uniform and larger filtration area

● Water, small molecules and ions pass through the membrane walls under pressure to form ultrafiltrate

● The filtration rarting of PVDF UF membrane is 0.1 micron, particles are trapped by the membrane wall

● PVDFhollow fiber UF membrane has strong anti-staining ability, resistant to acid and alkali & long working life

● Outside to inside flow mode of PVDF ultrafiltration membrane ensure the stability good quality of produced water

Tech Support

Project Case of 10" PVDF Ultrafiltration Membrane Module


Printing and dyeing wastewater reuse 10000m³/d

Process: raw water - coagulation sedimentation - biochemical treatment - efficient sedimentation tank - multi-media filter - security filter - PVDF UF membrane - RO membrane - reuse

Equipment parameters: UFM250 PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane module, 44 pieces/group, 4 groups, a total of 176 pieces, the design operating flux is 40L/m².h