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CSW Series Bleached Cotton String Wound Cartridge FiltersCSW Series Bleached Cotton String Wound Cartridge FiltersCSW Series Bleached Cotton String Wound Cartridge Filters

CSW Series Bleached Cotton String Wound Cartridge Filters


CSW Series Bleached Cotton String Wound Cartridge Filters provide high dirt holding capacity for particles whose micron diameters are common in liquid processing industries. Bleached cotton wound cartridges are made of bleached cotton wound yarn and stainless steel central or pp core, with double open end (DOE) or types of end cap, such as 222/fin,226/flat etc.. Cotton string wound cartridges are designed as honeycomb-shap to ensure no short fibers break away. In addition, bleached cotton string wound cartridges provide high flow rate, good chemical resistance, excellent efficiency filtration and long service life. Cotton string wound filters are widely used in industrial oil/water separation, petrochemical process, power plant water treatment and many other crucial industrial fields.

Filter MediaBleached Cotton
Length5", 9.75", 9.8", 10", 20", 30", 40", 50" (According to customers requirements)
Inside Diameter28mm, 30mm (Special ID can be customized)
Outside Diameter2.4"(61mm), 2.5"(63mm), 2.55"(65mm)  Special OD is accepted
Filtration Rating1μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 30μm, 50μm, 75μm, 100μm
CorePP, SUS304, SUS316
Gasket/O-ringSilicone, EPDM, Viton, Buna
End CapDOE, 222/Flat(SOE), 222/Fin(SOE), 226/Flat(SOE), 226/Fin(SOE)


● Cotton wound cartridges have multiple filtration precision

● Without odor, foaming, adhesives and no fine fibre drops out

● Stable structure, high flow rates and low differential pressures

● Wide chemical compatibility for oil, water, acids and alkalis etc.

● Withstand high temperature and consistence of good performance

● Cotton wound filters own various of cores and end caps, fit for housings

ChemicalsPCB industryPharmaceuticals
Plating SolutionsPre-RO filtrationOil water separation
Petrochemical ProcessPower plant water treatmentElectronics and Semiconductor


Operation Data for Cotton String Wound Cartridge Filters

Maximum Operating Temperature Bleached Cotton with SUS Core : 150℃ (300℉ )
Max. Differential Pressure2.7 bar at 27 ℃(50 psi at 80℉)
1.4 bar at 60 ℃(20 psi at 140℉)
0.7 bar at 82 ℃(10 psi at 180℉)
Recommend Change out Differential Pressure1 bar (14 psi)

Pressure Drop vs Flow Rate of 10" Cotton Wound Cartridge Filters


Tech Support
Construction of Cotton Wound Cartridges Filters

● The picture is the cross-section of cotton wound cartridges

● High dirt holding capacity, high flow rate and long service time

● From outer layers to inner layers cotton wound yarn are loose to tight

● Honeycomb construction without using adhesives and no fine fibre drop out

● Multilayered structure and depth filtration pattern ensure good filtration efficiency

● High quality cotton string wound filters for compatibility with wide range of process fluids

Production of Cotton Wound Cartridges Filters


Wound Yarn Materials: All cotton wound yarns are made of high quality FDA approved materials

Wound Filters Workshop: One of largest workshop of cotton wound cartridges in China, high out put & fast delviery time

Wound Cartridges Warehouse: Scientific storage and warehouse of cotton string wound filters to the benefit of good delivery efficiency

Container Shipment: cotton string wound cartridges are convenient to be loaded into containers, safety & timely transport for the shipment

Order Information
CSWIDODMicron RatingLengthCore MaterialEnd CapGasket/O-ring

CSW Series 

Bleached Cotton 

String Wound Cartridge Filters

A = 28mmC = 61mm1 = 1μm5 = 5"P = PPD = DOES = Silicone
5 = 5μm9.75 = 9.75"
M = 63mm10 = 10μm9.8 = 9.8"T = 222/Flat(SOE)E = EPDM
20 = 20μm10 = 10"S4 = SUS 304
B = 30mm30 = 30μm20 = 20"O = 222/Fin(SOE)V = Viton
F = 65mm50 =  50μm30 = 30"
75 = 75μm40 = 40"S6 = SUS 316P = 226/Flat(SOE)U = Buna
100 = 100μm50 = 50"L = 226/Fin(SOE)

For Example:


CSW Series Cotton String Wound Cartridge Filters - 30mm - 63mm -  5μm - 10" - SUS 304 - Double Open End (DOE)

Special specifications  Cotton String Wound Cartridge Filters can be customized, such as special ID, OD, length and end caps etc.