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Filtration Terminology

ID: The inner diameter of a filter cartridge.
OD: The outer diameter of a filter cartridge.
Pore: A small hole in a filter medium allows fluid to pass by.
Flow Rate: The volume of liquid across a filter at a certain time.
Element: The porous media that have vital function the filtration process.
Effective Area: The total area of the filter medium which is valid to fluid flow.
Sewing: A way to manufacture filter bags which stitch filter fabric with top ring.
Rated Flow: The optimum flow rate for a filter which is designed for fluid  filtration.
Big Blue Filter: A bigger outer diameter of filter, generally speaking, OD is 4.5inch of the filter.
Differential Pressure: The difference of pressure through any two points of a system or element.
Permeability:  The relationship of flow per unit area to differential pressure across the filter medium.
Pleated: A filter cartridge which media be folded and made the form as a cylinder, cone, disc, plate, etc.
Maximum temperature: The maximum temperature that a cartridge could bear without spoiled or melt.
Maximum Pressure: The maximum pressure that a filter could support without deformation or breakdown.
Housing: A tank enclosure which filters are installed and directs the flow of fluid through the filter element.
Welded: A method to make filter bags which joint filter felt or with plastic top ring together, also called hot melt.
Micron: The precision/rating of a filter, use micrometer to express the measurement of the pole in filter medium.
PP Melt Blown Filter: A type of filter, some people also get used to call spun filter/cartridge, PP Filter and so on.
Disposable: A filter after used and at the end of its service life could be discarded, non-pollution and environmental.
Absolute Filtration Rating: More better filtering effect, higher percentage to remove the particles meet the demand of filter liquor in system.
String Wound filter: One kind of filter cartridge, also could be called wound filter/cartridge, wound yarn cartridge or spiral wrapping filter etc.
Washable: A filter when become dirty with some contaminant can be washed or cleaned, and then continue to service with excellent dirt holding ability.
Efficiency: The capability of a filter to wipe off impurities contaminant at a given contaminant concentration under specified test conditions. Measured as a percentage.
Filtration: Liquid (Air) with impurities influent pass through the micropore of porous media, impurities are stopped in the media, thereby, particles and liquid (air) are separated.
Central Core: A center pole in filter element, could be made of polypropylene or stainless steel, as the framework, it is important for increase the endurance of pressure in filtering system.
Filter Cartridges: It could be called also filter element or cartridge filters, the media made of a lot of materials to filter liquid or air which are installed in filter housings and take most important role in the processes of filtration.
High Flow Filter: The cartridge filters which have larger filtration area and higher flow rate than normal slim big blue(OD:4.5") filters, such as OD: 6"(152mm) and 6.75"(171mm). It is made as pleated high flow filter, both large filtration surface and high flow capacity.