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Opthalmic Filtration: The main ingredient of most eye drops is water, and may also contain salts(e.g., sodium chloride), protectants, vaseline used to produce ointments, and gel polymers for use as lubricants. Pre-filtration, Prior to sterilization filtration, reduce the particle content and the biological load; Sterilization filtration, the sterilization filter is able to maintain a reliable retention efficiency for microbes during prolonged production.

● Pharmaceutical Water: Pharmaceutical water generally refers to the public system, but for the water quality is very different, so only the correct allocation of the filtration system, can ensure the production of effective, safe and smooth. Pre-filtration, remove glial and particles, extend the life of the final filters; final filtration, remove particles, microbes and endotoxin to meet the requirements of the US Pharmacopoeia and other international standards.

● Blood Plasma Product: Blood Plasma separation is achieved by a series of steps of extraction and precipitation. Impurities in the blood plasma can cause product instability and clogging of the downstream filter, so it is necessary to use a pre-filtration to remove it. Prior to chromatography and ultrafiltration, the solution should also be clarified to remove impurities. The heat-sensitive protein is usually sterilized by final sterilization.

● API's, Intermediates, Fermentation Broths: Filtration of reaction by-products, including color bodies and metals, is a critical step in producing high quality intermediates. Cartridge filters design need to combine the rapid kinetics of fine particles with excellent filtration characteristics, are is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

● Precious Metal Catalyst Removal/Recovery: Precious Metal Catalyst Removal/Recovery: The removal of soluble and chelated precious metal catalyst is critical to both meeting the increasingly stringent limits on precious metal catalyst removal/recovery in pharmaceuticals. Impregnated cellulose carbon cartridge is the best suitable for adsorption, eliminate pollution and filter harmful substances.

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