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Water Treatment
Water Treatment

● Process Water: Pre RO filters, tank vent filtration, pre filtration to prevent, activated carbon and ion exchange resins beds, final membrane filters to make high purity water.

● Condensate Water: Filters to protect boilers, steam generators, reactors, and turbines from corrosion. Depth wound cartridge filters for demineralizers, backwashable pleated filters installed in a condensate pre-filter system, high flow filters for protection of deep beds.

● Potable Water System: Filter impurities & hazardous substance in residential and commercial water, to protect safety drinking water. 5 micron depth filter reduce sand, sediment, particles to protect ultrafiltration or RO membrane. High-end sintered carbon cartridges adsorb residual chlorine compounds, lead, heavy metals and improve taste.

● Sea Water Desalination: Microfiltration are typical RO pre-filter, effectively remove impurities in sea water desalination, in addition to reduce chlorine, protect and increase the service life of reverse osmosis membrane. In addition, absolute rate pleated cartridge filters are also widely used in a variety of final filtration, efficient, safe and reliable.

● Wastewater Treatment: Waste water must be treated before they are recycled, reused or discharged into surface waters or municipal wastewater systems. Using depth filter cartridges to remove solid contaminant, dyes, chemical compound, heavy metals, and organic matters.

● RO Pre-filtration: For the diameter of Reverse Osmosis membrane only is 0.0001micron and the cost is more expensive, no easy method to remove particulates which entered the RO membrane, Prefilters such as depth filters and pleated cartridges are the typical and efficient to work out.

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