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Power Plant
Power Plant

CVCS: It is important for maintaining reactor water chemistry, ion exchange Deep bed system controls PH, removes contaminating ions and radionuclides, reduces boron concentration as needed.

●  RWCU: The reactor water clean-up(RWCU) system of the BWR plant is used to remove contaminants from the reactor water. The reactor water is cooled, processed by the RWCU system, and then returned to the recirculation system. High quality high flow filters provide good filtration and deionization.

● Spent Fuel Pool: Good water quality is important to prevent degradation and maintenance of the integrity of spent fuel components. Excellent water filters needed to reduce radionuclides while providing good filtration for water clarity. Maintain stable and efficient working process.

● Condensate Polishing: Power plant condensate must be maintained at a very high purity level to protect boilers, steam generators, reactors, and turbines from corrosion. Backwashable pleated cartridge filters installed in a condensate pre-filter system, work good as wound cartridges and high flow filters to keep water highly purified. 

● Steam Generator Blow Down: In addition to high purity condensate, many steam generators use blow down demineralizers to help maintain quality for efficient operation and extended steam generator life, to save much costs and resources.

● Stator Cooling Water Treatment: Stator cooling water is very important system in a power generating plant, cartridge filters remove ionic contaminants while providing some filtration of particulates, generally copper oxides. Keep stator cooling system far away from contamination.

● Liquid Radioactive Water Treatment: Liquid radioactive water must be handled treated very well. Some systems use reverse osmosis method, in processing water of RO Pre-filtration, standard depth cartridge filters have been replaced by pleated high flow filter cartridges, so that can have excellent performance, save much material and labor costs.

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