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Filter Cartridge Using in Power Plant Water Treatment

May. 06, 2021


The thermal power plant uses the heat energy obtained by burning fuel (coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc.) to make the boiler produce high temperature and high pressure steam to impulse the rotation of the steam turbine to drive the generator to generate electricity. The water treatment of the power plant is mainly the water treatment of the boiler feed water. Boiler feed water is mainly divided into condensate water, boiler feed water, production return water, circulating cooling water and stator cooling water. The filter cartridge is mainly used in condensate treatment and boiler feed water treatment.

1. Condensate Treatment

The impurities in condensate water mainly include corrosion products, dissolved salts, suspended matter, organic matter and dissolved gases. These impurities mainly come from the leakage of condenser cooling water and gas, and the corrosion of the thermal system, which will corrode boilers and thermal systems, so these impurities must be removed. Nowadays, the filtration system composed of pre-filtration and mixed bed is commonly used, and the most commonly used pre-filtration are String Wound Cartridges and Pleated Filter Cartridges with 60 or 70 inches length and 5 micron rating.

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2. Boiler Feed Water Treatment

The raw water for boiler feed water treatment can be river water, sea water or deep well water, etc., and then select the appropriate filtration scheme according to the specific raw water quality. Boiler feed water generally requires the removal of suspended solids, colloids, calcium, magnesium ions and other dissolved salt impurities in the water. The commonly used filtration processes are coagulation, precipitation, reverse osmosis pre-treatment (Melt Blown Cartridges, String Wound Cartridges or Liquid Filter Bag), reverse osmosis filtration, ion exchange, and terminal filtration (High Flow Filter Cartridges and Pleated Filter Cartridges)

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In order to make the water vapor circulation system of the power plant run efficiently for a long time, in addition to the condensate treatment and boiler feed water treatment, the circulating cooling water should also be purified and hardened and salt-reduced. The production return water should be deoiled, deion and other advanced treatments and desalination treatment of stator cooling water.

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