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What's The Circulating Water Filtration In Automobile Industry?

Dec. 17, 2021


The painting process of automobiles generally includes: Hot water washing- pre-degreasing- mian degreasing- water washing 1- water washing 2- meter adjustment- phosphating- water washing 1- water washing 2- pure water washing- electrophoresis- UF0-UF1-UF2-flow flat- curing- and then turn to hang. Some also require spray painting and a coat of varnish.

Water washing is mainly to clean the degreasing, phosphating agent and attachments remaining on the surface of the workpiece. Water washing can be carried out by spraying or dipping, using countercurrent washing process. The first immersion wash is used as a supplement to the first spray wash, and the second immersion wash is used as a supplement to the second spray wash. The washing liquid is reused after being filtered and Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housings are recommended for filtration of the water before reuse.


1. Circulating Water Filtration Problem:

The spraying workshop of the automobile treatment plant is a big water consumer, and the pre-treatment drainage occupies more than 80% of the total drainage of the spraying workshop. As a result, effective filtration to achieve recycling standards is essential to reduce the use of pure water ans reduce the discharge of sewage, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

2. Circulating Water Filtration Product Application: 

SFB Series Standard Industrial Filter Bag

BF Series High Flow Pleated Bag Filters

SFH Series Stainless Steel Single Filter Bag Housing

MFH Series Stainless Steel Multi Bag Filter Housing


3. Advantages of Circulating Water Filtration Products:

* High-performance magnetic rods are installed inside the bag filter housing and cartridge filter housing to capture magnetic ferrous debris and extend the life of the filter housing.

* Suitable for heavy pollution and high cleanliness requirement

* The initial investment cost is low. You could directly replace the filter bag, and no need to change the equipment.

* Hongtek filter bag can significantly increase the filtration efficiency value by 85% and increase the dirt holding capacity. Three times the service life of ordinary filter bags, reducing the nu

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