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High Flow Filter Cartridges Specialized For Condensate Water Filtration

Jul. 14, 2018


Cooling water is used to remove heat from components and industrial equipment. It is applied in basically all industries such as power plants, refineries, chemicals and even commercial buildings. It is inexpensive, non-toxic and can be reused by removing the heat via a cooling tower (open, recirculating systems), or can be used as a once-through process where water (usually sea water) is readily available. Closed loop systems are also employed for comfort cooling, HVAC applications etc.

Cooling water will cause many problems:

• Fouling – results in poor heat exchange efficiency, plant equipment damage, high energy consumption and increased maintenance costs.

• Under-deposit corrosion – Damages pipelines and plant equipment.

Therefore, water filtration is very critical to protect plant assets and ensure smooth process operations.

Filter Recommendation

Filters recommendedApplied toDescription

HFA Series

Raw water prefiltrationPall Ultipleat Replacement Pleated High Flow Filters to remove different sizes particles, high filtration efficiency and lower waste disposal costs, to protect pipelines and plant equipment

MP Series

Equipment protectionUnique pleated design and absolute filtration efficiency prevents particle accumulation in downstream equipment.High dirt holding capacity and high flow rate types available for different applications.

BF Series

Cooling tower water filtrationSand filter uses granular particles of different sizes to form unique depth filtration, giving it higher filtration  efficiency. It is fully automatic and has a pre-set back wash sequence to ensure smooth operation.

BCF Series 

Condensed water filtrationThe robust construction and reduced pleat height, not only makes backflush possible and media deterioration avoidable, with a wide range of chemical compatibility, high efficiency filtration,  long service life and economical cost.

ESW Series

Raw water prefiltrationCondensate wound filters possess wide chemical compatibility for oil, water,acids and alkalis, high flow rates, low differential pressures and long service life,so are qualified to meet requirements of increasingly stringent boiler feed water fields.

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