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Filter Bag Using in Beer Brewing

May. 07, 2021


Beer filtration plays a very important role in the appearance and taste of beer, as well as biological stability and non-biological stability, ensuring that the beer does not appear to change during the shelf life. Therefore, in beer brewing, it is very important to strengthen the filtration in the proper process to avoid the suspended matter entering the liquor.

The system composed of Bag Filter is a closed filter system, and generally it's divided into single bag type, double bag type and multi-bag type, etc. Its working principle is to use pressure filtration. The complete bag filter device mainly includes 3 parts: filter housing, filter basket and filter bag. As for the movable magnetic rod, it is an optional accessory, which can be determined according to site requirements.


The active magnetic rod is an optional accessory of the bag filter, which is composed of many tiny permanent small magnetic rods, installed in the center of the filter bag. It is very effective for removing impurities in tap water, and can also remove fine iron impurities, protect the filter bag, and extend the service life of the filter bag.


In beer brewing, polypropylene Filter Bags are generally used. The liquid to be filtered flows through the top of the filter bag supported by the filter basket, so that the liquid is evenly distributed on the entire filter surface, and the flow distribution surface is uniform. The liquid flows from the inside of the filter to the outside, and the particulate impurities are trapped inside the filter bag so that the downstream liquid will not be polluted when the filter bag is replaced.


Filter bags have been widely used and promoted in the food and beverage industry. Among the applications in the brewery are: saccharification cold wort ventilation and sterilization filtration; compressed air sterilization filtration for yeast cultivation; fermentation tank/sake tank intake sterilization filtration; process water/brewing water filtration; beer fine filtration, etc.

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