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How to Filter Oilfield Water Injection?

May. 06, 2021


The purpose of injecting water into the oil field is to supplement formation energy, increase formation pressure, and increase the ultimate oil recovery of the oil field. The water source for oil field injection is generally divided into fresh water, salt water and oilfield sewage. Different water supply sources are used, and the water treatment methods will be different.

1. Fresh Water Filtration

Fresh water mainly comes from river water, lake water, etc., which contains a large amount of sediment and high dissolved oxygen content. Generally, the treatment methods of precipitation, pre-filtration, precision filtration, sterilization and deoxidation are selected in sequence. Stainless Steel Security Filter Housings are generally used for precision filtration. If you choose single-stage filtration, you can choose High Flow Filter or Pleated Filter Cartridge for filtering consumables. If you choose multi-stage filtering, you can choose Melt Blown Cartridge, String Wound Cartridge or Liquid Filter Bag for pre-filtering, and High Flow Filter or Pleated Filter Cartridge for secondary filtering.


2. Salt Water Filtration

Salt water mainly comes from groundwater, sea water, etc., which is characterized by high salinity, oxygen content, and high salt content. Generally, the treatment methods of pre-treatment, precision filtration, and reverse osmosis filtration are selected in sequence. Because of the high salt content in the salt water, the filter equipment is generally is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP). We recommend that the precision filter system use FRP Security Filter Housings with High Flow Filter, Pleated Filter Cartridge, Melt Blown Cartridge, String Wound Cartridge or Liquid Filter Bag.


3. Oilfield Sewage Filtration

Oilfield sewage mainly refers to oil (gas) sewage, drilling sewage, well washing sewage, etc. It has the characteristics of high salt and high oil content. Generally, oil removal, coagulation and sedimentation, multi-media filter housing, security filter housing, ultrafiltration are selected in sequence. The security filter can be selected in accordance with the above-mentioned precision filtration in salt water filtration. The ultrafiltration system can be designed according to the specific water demand on site. Generally PVDF Hollow Fiber Uultrafiltration Membranes are selected.


Oilfield water injection has now become one of the important means to improve oilfield recovery. The quality of oilfield water injection not only determines the effect of oilfield development, but also determines the length of the oilfield development life. Therefore, we must strictly design the filtration process of oilfield water injection to make the water injection meet the required water quality standards.

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