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4 Value Points to Maintain High Flow Filters

Jun. 25, 2021


The main purpose of the high flow filter element is to filter the solid particles and colloidal substances in the medium, which can effectively control the degree of pollution. The design of the large diameter of the high flow filter can increase the effective filtration area and significantly reduce the number of filter elements. In many applications, due to the high flow rate and long service life, the labor cost and investment are reduced.

In the process of daily use of high flow filter, some wear and tear or affect the use may occur and it will be more troublesome to deal with it over time. Therefore, when we usually use it, we must learn how to maintain the high low filter. So what maintenance details need to be paid attention to in the daily use of high flow filter? Let's check the 4 value points as following:

1. Don't ignore worn or damaged gaskets in the housing. If the high flow Pleated Filter Cartridge has a sealing, we must replace it carefully. Make sure that there are no old gaskets in the housing, the sealing strips are not worn and do not reuse the old gaskets.


2. Do not paste the high flow filter element with damaged filter paper. Do not install into recessed or raised filter, because they can not effectively prevent the entry of contaminants. Dents may cause uneven sealing or may indicate damage to the filter paper.

3. If it is found that the pressure difference is greater than 0.15mpa or the flow rate is greatly reduced, it means that the High Flow Filter Element is blocked. The filter element can be taken out, and the outer wall of the filter element can be cleaned with water with a pressure lower than 0.2mpa.


4. If you find that the high flow filter element does not work, do not dry it, but store it in the filter hosing, and then pour purified water or antibacterial water into the housing, and then clean it when reused.

The importance of the high flow filter element is self-evident for the whole pre-filtration system, so we need to choose a brand with quality assurance. HONGTEK provide a series of high quality filter elements with high filtration efficiency, long service life and after-sales guarantee. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact with us!

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