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How to Choose the Right Cartridge Filter Housing for Your System?

Nov. 18, 2022


I. What's the Cartridge Filter Housing?

The security Cartridge Filter Housing can protect the water treatment system while ensuring that the quality of the effluent water meets the standard. It uses pleated filter cartridge, string wound filter cartridge or melt blown filter inside, and are widely used for drinking water, domestic water, electronics, printing and dyeing, textile, alcohol filtration, pharmaceutical filtration, acid-base filtration, reverse osmosis RO membrane security filtration. The main function of the cartridge filter housing is to protect the water treatment system and ensure the water quality standard.

II. How Does it Work?

The cartridge filter housing is a kind of filter that uses the filter element as the filter medium and uses pressurization to separate solid and liquid. We generally refer to the technology of solid-liquid separation using filter cartridges as microporous filtration technology. It is mainly suitable for materials with solid particles of 1~100 micron or difficult-to-filter materials with particles larger than 1 micron but non-rigid, easy to deform, high viscosity. Press the liquid to be filtered in from the filter inlet, then pass through the filter cartridge from the outside to inside to filter into a clear liquid, and finally discharge the filtered liquid from the outlet. The impurities are trapped in the deep layer and surface of the filter cartridge, and finally achieve the purpose of filtering the liquid.


The types of filter elements usually include: string wound filter, melt blown filter, pleated cartridge filter, High Flow Filter and activated carbon filter. Due to the different filter materials, the filter pore size is also different. Precision filtration is a kind of filtration between sand filtration (coarse filtration) and ultrafiltration, and the filter pore size is generally in the range of 1~100 micron.

III. The Benefits for Using Cartridge Filter Housing

The security cartridge filter housing is often installed after the pressure filter to remove fine particles in the liquid to meet the requirements of the subsequent process for water intake. It usually has the following benefits:

1. Can effectively remove suspended solids, impurities, rust and other substances in the liquid.

2. Can choose filter cartridge can be made of various materials to meet the needs of various fluid filtration.

3. Small filtration resistance, large liquid flux, strong dirt holding capacity, and also withstand high filtration pressure and have long service life.

4. Acid and alkali chemical solvent resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance and filter cartridge inside is not easy to deform.

5. The price is affordable with low operating cost, easy to clean and operate. The cartridge used inside can be replaced and the maintenance cost is low.


IV. How to Select the Suitable Model?

1. Inlet and outlet diameter: Generally, the inlet and outlet diameter of the filter housing should not be smaller than the inlet/outlet diameter of the matching pump. It should be consistent withe inlet/outlet pipe diameter.

2. Nominal pressure: Determine the pressure rating of the filter housing according to the highest pressure that may occur in the filter pipeline.

3. Filtering precision: mainly consider the impurity particle size to be intercepted, according to the process requirements of the medium process.

4. Filter material: the material of the filter housing is generally selected to be the same as the material of the connected process pipeline. For different service conditions, filter housing made of SUS304, SUS136, carbon steel, FRP, PPH can be considered.

5. Calculation of filter resistance loss: liquid filtration filter, under the general calculation of rated flow rate, the pressure loss is 0.52~1.2kpa.

The security cartridge filter housing is suitable for industrial fields such as medicine, food, chemical industry, water treatment, etc.. The filter cartridge used inside the housing has strong anti-pollution performance, high dirt loading capacity and long service life, which greatly reduces the user's use costs. Hongtek can provide a series of high-quality filter housings and filter cartridges. If you have any needs, feel free to contact with us for further discussion.

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