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How to Improve the MBR Membrane Performance?

Mar. 05, 2021


MBR membrane module is an emerging technology that combines membrane technology with the biochemical reaction of sewage treatment. However, users will damage the MBR membrane module to varying degrees during use, which will reduce its performance. In order to help you improve the filtration performance of the MBR Membrane Modules, let us look at the following matters that should be paid attention to when protecting MBR membrane modules.

1. Before using the MBR Membrane Module, you must pay attention to avoid moisture and keep the MBR membrane filament dry.

2. Be careful not to aerate the MBR membrane module excessively to avoid damage to the MBR membrane filament due to excessive aeration.

3. The MBR membrane module is made of high polymer materials. When using it, be careful not to damage the MBR membrane filaments by tools, piping, and machinery.

4. Do not bend or squeeze the MBR membrane filament and bend the water collection pipe of the membrane module, so that to prevent damage to the MBR membrane module.

5. When cleaning with chemical agents, the appropriate agent should be configured to prevent the performance of the MBR membrane filament from degrading or causing damage to the membrane filament due to incorrect use of the agent.

6. Do not allow the MBR membrane module to come in contact with the chemical liquid that is likely to cause the membrane module to age, and to treat wastewater containing certain organic reagents and chemicals that may swell the membrane module.

7. When installing and using the MBR membrane module, hold the water collection pipes on both sides with both hands. Do not directly hold the part of the membrane filament, so as to avoid the membrane filament being stretched under force and causing irreparable damage.

8. After using the MBR membrane module, please do not dehydrate and store it. Because in the process of the membrane filament transforming from wet to dry, the structure of the membrane will change and the membrane pores will close, making the MBR membrane lose water permeability.

In order to maximize the performance of the MBR Membrane Module, we should pay attention to the above matters during use, avoid reducing the filtration efficiency of the MBR membrane due to improper operation and increasing the filtration cost of the MBR process.

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