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How to Select the Suitable Water Filter for Your Filtration System?

May. 22, 2021


If you want to buy a filter, are you dazzled by all kinds of filters with different shapes, materials and methods of use? Which filter should you buy? There are many types of filters, which can be classified according to the mechanism, shape, function, filter material, main body material, application range of filter accuracy, etc. Let’s take a look at several basic points for selecting suitable filters.

1. Filter Material

According to the chemical name of the fluid to be filtered, find out the available filter material according to the chemical combination taboo, and then focus on its operating temperature, operating pressure, pH value, operating conditions (such as whether it needs to be resistant to steam, hot water or chemical chemical sterilization). Evaluate one by one and select the most suitable filter material. Hongtek provides high quality filter consumables, including PP Melt Blown Cartridge, String Wound Cartridge, Activated Carbon Filter, Membrane Pleated Filter and various type High Flow Pleated Filter.


2. Filter Accuracy

There are two kinds of filter precision units, one is absolute precision and the other is nominal precision. The definitions and algorithms of the two precisions are different. Filtration accuracy is the smallest particle size that can be retained by the filter medium on a certain filter device, the largest particle size that enters the filtrate, or the filtering capacity of the filter medium or filter for particles of different sizes. 

3. Application

Application is also an important consideration. For example, filter materials used in medicines, food or cosmetics must be FDA approval materials. For ultrapure water, you must choose a filter material that is pure and does not contain emissions that will affect the specific impedance. To filter the gas, you should choose a hydrophobic material and whether you need a sanitary filter design, etc.

4. Design

Which pressure source should be selected? How much pressure is required, whether it is necessary to install two sets of filters in parallel to suit the system of continuous operation?  How to match prefiltration and refined filtration to the occasions with wide particle size distribution, and whether it is necessary to install check valve or other devices in the system? All of these require close cooperation between the user unit and the filter supplier to find the most appropriate design together.


Filter are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, water treatment, brewing, petroleum, printing and dyeing, environmental protection and other industries. They are ideal equipment for filtering, clarifying and purifying various liquids. Hongtek has over 40 years’ experience custom-designing and manufacturing industrial water treatment systems, so please feel free to reach out to us with your questions. For more information or to get in touch, Contact Us here.

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