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Do You Know How to Filter CMP Slurry in Semiconductor Industry?

Oct. 18, 2021

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CMP slurry is a consumable used for chemical mechanical polishing in the semiconductor manufacturing process. According to the difference of abrasive particles, CMP slurry is mainly divided into silica slurry, cerium oxide slurry, alumina slurry and nano diamond slurry, etc. The solid particles and chemical oxidants in the CMP slurry play the role of grinding and corrosion dilution respectively.

The CMP slurry may contain large particles during transportation, dry environment, or particles falling from the slurry distribution system. These large particles may cause scratches on the surface of semiconductor wafers. In order to reduce the micro-marks on the surface of the semiconductor wafer, it is necessary to install a Filtration System to filter the CMP slurry.

At present, there are mainly two kinds of filtration schemes: loop or recirculation filtration scheme and point-of-use(POU) filtration scheme. Loop or recirculation filtration mainly removes the larger particles in the CMP slurry, and then the CMP slurry is transported to the tool by the distribution loop. Point-of-use(POU) filtration is mainly to remove large particles of impurities in the slurry when the slurry is distributed to the polishing pad. The equipment of the filtration system generally selects Stainless Steel Filter Housings, and the filter consumables generally select Pleated Filter Cartridges and Melt Blown Cartridges.


When designing a CMP slurry filtration system, you should select suitable filtration consumables according to the particle size, turbidity, and slurry type in the on-site slurry. This can improve work efficiency and save filtration costs.

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