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High-end Sintered Carbon Filters for Drinking Water Purifier

Mar. 16, 2018


The advantage of CTO sintered carbon cartridge filters compare with ordinary activated carbon water filters are stronger absorption capacity, more reliable, longer life!

Sintered activated carbon block filter cartridges are made of good quality coconut shell,using the world's advanced automated carbon rods molding technology,so that very small particles of microcrystalline point is connected by way of activated charcoal powder piled recombinant. The porous structure of activated carbon is completely exposed to the substance to be adsorbed, has a strong adsorption and the amount of good rigid structure. Unique cage winding gap structure avoids the phenomenon of blackwater, high intercept for particles and colloidal, guaranteed not to be contaminated and activated carbon adsorption capacity to maximize.

In drinking water, may contain odor, residual, chlorine, disinfection by-products and free compounds, even have heavy metals and carbon and sulfur molecules or molecular structure of benzene in poor taste and may endanger health. Beside filter large particles of dust, sintered carbon water filters can highly efficient remove impurities of chlorine, color and so on, also can absorb lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals, volatile organic compounds and other harmful substances, to ensure safety of drinking water.

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