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Why Filtration is Important in the Ink Manufacturing Process?

Sep. 25, 2022


Ink is a kind of paint that is widely used, which is used on cigarette boxes, commodity packaging boxes, and other drawing s on paper. There are many colors of ink, such as black, blue, red, yellow, etc. At the same time, what we see in the market is find powder, which works very well, but some contain other large particles, which makes the effect not very good when smearing.

In fact, these particles come from the ore used to make the ink. Since the sand mill can not grind all the ore into fine powder, some large particles will remain. Many manufacturers make fine particles into good quality inks and make some minor particles into other grades of ink

The common ink production process is as follows:

Dissolution of resins and additives→Metering into the dispersing cylinder for dispersing→High-speed dispersion by dispenser→Filtration→Sticky→Grind→Mixing→Final Filtration→Inspection packaging

There are many sources of pollution in the production of ink. Due to the complex production, there are various types of impurities, such as fiber, solid, semi-solid and so on. Typically, filtration is required to completely remove contaminants. Effective filtration system removes contaminants while ensuring that ink particles are retained, maintaining pigment concentration and color.

According to the color and pigment particle size of the ink, Hongtek can provide the corresponding filtration system to meet customer's various filtration requirement.


Situation 1: 

If your high quality ink powders contains particles, it's necessary to use a single filter bag housing for filtration. The filer bag can be a stainless steel filter bag or PP Filter Bag.

Situation 2:

The powder containing some particles has been make into ink, but the ink can not be directly marketed. At this time, it is necessary to take measures for solid-liquid separation, either with a single filter bag housing or multi-bag filter housing. The filter bag can be made of nylon, polyester, or polypropylene.


During the final filtration, the APC series absolute PP Pleated Filter supplied by Hongtek has unique advantages. It is composed of gradient high-performance polypropylene membrane and imported support, which has the characteristics of high dirt holding capacity, long life and high efficiency. All of those outstanding features make APC pleated filter more suitable for ink, paint, coating filtration applications.

Filtration is an important step in the ink manufacturing process. The ink manufacturing process requires constant recycling and multiple quality checks to achieve product color and grind specifications. In many cases, filter life ends after batch processing, requiring filter replacement and inspection. In addition, when process equipment is used for more than one pigment ink, the system must be thoroughly cleaned and the filter cartridge need to be replaced.

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