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Wine Filtration Technology

Jan. 19, 2018


With gentrification and development of high quality wines, wine clarification, filtration, sterilization put forward higher requirements. After the wine through filtration and purification process required no suspended matter, not muddy, pure color, taste and quality before and after the filter holding wine basically unchanged.


Filtration Purposes

- Filter for yeast fermentation process, microorganisms and bacteria, sterilely filled
- Absolute terminal sterilization filter to ensure the quality of the finished wine
- Substances, micro-organisms, such as bacteria, softening, sterilization to ensure water quality
- Wine microorganisms in the filtered yeast or bacteria, so as to improve the biological stability of wine
- Wine production filtration of water, such as brewing water, washed with water, diluted with water, washing water, etc., in order to remove the water suspension


Application Requirements

- High flow, structural stability, strong filtration capabilities, to meet the large-scale wine production process filtration

- Terminal filter having a microbial control reliability, durability
- Low adsorption of filters, and wine production process no preservatives and other substances adsorption, adhesion

Filters Recommended

Filtration StepFilters Recommended
Clarifying FiltrationPP Pleated Cartridges
Pre-filtrationPP Pleated CartridgesPP Melt Blown Filters
Glass Fiber Pleated FiltersHigh Flow Filters
 Terminal FiltrationPES Membrane Pleated Filters

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