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Chemicals Filtration: For chemical processing filtration needs, Hongtek filtration products significantly lower production costs while helping to provide the highest quality. Supplying the solution best suited to customers need: depth filter cartridges, pleated & high flow filters etc.

● Oil & Natural Gas Filtration: Membrane filters for oil & natural gas filtration need very good quality, oil and gas in mixtures with other hydrocarbons, water vapor, and acid gas, along with other contaminants, and must be treated to make purified.

● Amine Sweetening: In the process of amine sweetening, in addition to absorbing H2S and CO2, and often exist in the system of other substances react or entrain into the upstream pipeline of solid impurities, the guarantee of thermal stability of salt, sulfide, iron and so on. It is easy to cause bubbles, scaling and other issues, reducing the efficiency and damage to the equipment. Therefore, need to use high quality filters, the effective interception of rust, iron sulfide and liquid impurities.

● Injection Well Water Filtration: Injection wells are used to increase and maintain pressure on oil and gas wells to increase capacity and must meet the quality criteria required for reservoir characteristics. Water treatment system and high quality filter are the best choice for removing impurities from the well. The classic choice is 5 micron pleated high flow or pleated bag filter cartridges.

● Completion Fluid Filtration: The completion fluid is used in the drilling area before drilling, and the oil well maintenance fluid is used for oil well repair in production, all these liquids need to be cleaned to avoid blocking the reservoir. Completion fluids and work over fluids are used to clean the wells, remove the cuttings, mud, cement and control the oil carrying the sand. The effect of filtration is to block the impurities in the liquid and allow the clean liquid to return to the well.

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