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CMP Filtration: Chemical mechanical planarization(CMP) is used in the manufacture of semiconductor industry wafer polishing process. So in the process will produce some large particles and small impurities. To remove large particles, we recommend 1 to 10 micron melt blown or pleated cartridge filters, when for small impurities, use absolute rate 0.2, 0.45 micron pleated filters.

● LCD Cleaning: In the production process of the liquid crystal display to be involved in many times of the cleaning process, such as the use of the glass substrate must be cleaned before taking, before in the sputtering ITO conductive film need to clean; In addition, in the coating lithography glue, should be cleaned before the glass substrate, more than 1 micron particles and all the inorganic, organic pollutants clean, to ensure that the process to achieve the required accuracy requirements.

● Semiconductor Wastewater: Semiconductor production process requires high, covering lithography, precision cutting and grinding and other complex processes, the production of semiconductor process will produce a lot of waste water, semiconductor wastewater pollutants and more complex composition, usually including a variety of heavy metal wastewater, organic wastewater. As well as silicon and fluorine wastewater; while the semiconductor PCW system process cooling water need to be filtered for reusing.

● Typical Ultrapure Water System: The semiconductor industry ultrapure water manufacturing process can be summarized as four parts, namely the pretreatment part, RO part, electric deionized part and polished mixed bed part. In some semiconductor factories, also use "bed + bed" instead of electricity deionization device, mainly based on quality of raw water and water quality of the weak electrolyte requirements. Most commonly use for pre-filtration: Impregnated Carbon Cartridges, PP Pleated Filters, and final filtration use PES, Nylon, Hydrophobic PTFE membrane filters.

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