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How is Cola Manufactured?

Sep. 29, 2019

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Coke Manufacturing Process: Material Preparing -- Mixing & Stirring -- Container Cleaning -- Bottling & Labeling

1. Material Preparing

As the quality of raw materials is crucial to the success of Cola, strict inspection standards need to be met. For this, filtering and sterilizing is indispensable. Generally speaking, the filtering process contains two stages, micro-filtration and ultra-filtration. As for micro-filtration, Hongtek High Flow Cartridge, Pleated Cartridge and Melt Blown Cartridge are sensible choices.

For High Flow Filter Cartridge, the most widely used specification is Filtration Media & Outer Cage: PP, Seal Material: EPDM, Length: 40”, Filtration Rating: 5 microns.

For Pleated Filter Cartridge, Filtration Media & Outer Cage: PP, Seal Material: EPDM, Length:40”, Filtration Rating: 5 microns, End Cap style: double open end.

For Melt Blown Filter Cartridge, Filtration Material & Inner Core: PP, length: 40”, Rating: 5 microns, Inner Diameter: 28mm, Outer Diameter: 63mm.

2. Mixing & Stirring

In this step, the treated syrup and pure water are mixed in the right proportions. Then, carbonation is added to the finished product.

3. Container Cleaning

To ensure quality, each container must go through high-pressure cleaning and high-temperature sterilization process. 

4. Bottling & Labeling

The finished product is then transferred into bottles or cans and labeled at room temperature, and...there you are, ready to drink! 

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