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How to Choose the Suitable Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges?

Nov. 22, 2021


The main raw material of activated carbon filter cartridge is activated carbon, which is generally divided into two types: mineral carbon and wood carbon. Among them, coal carbon and coconut shell carbon are more commonly used. Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges generally include extruded carbon block cartridges, sintered carbon block cartridges, granular activated carbon filters and carbon impregnated cellulose filter cartridges. Let us take a look at the performance and application areas of these activated carbon filter cartridges.

1. Extruded Carbon Block Filter Cartridges

The extruded carbon block filter cartridge is made of coconut shell or coal-based activated carbon as raw materials and mixed with an inorganic liquid binder, then poured into a special mold, compressed by a press at high pressure, and dried after being ejected from the mold. The main function of Extruded Activated Carbon Cartridge is to absorb odor, residual chlorine and pigment, and it is mainly used in food and beverage, drinking water, alcohol, etc.


2. Sintered Carbon Block Cartridges

Sintered activated carbon filter cartridge is a mixture of activated carbon powder material and polymer hot-melt pore-forming material, poured into a special mold, and sintered at a high temperature of 200~300℃. due to the polymer bonding material can form open micropores in the sintering process, the characteristics of large specific surface area of activated carbon powder are maintained. Compared with extruded activated carbon filter element, Sintered Activated Carbon Filter Element has better filtration efficiency. It is mainly used in drinking water, hospital water, food and beverage, pure water, etc.


3. Granular Activated Carbon Filters

The granular activated carbon filter is made by filling coconut shell or coal-based activated carbon as raw materials into a plastic filter shell by ultrasonic heat welding. It does not add any chemical additives. The water inlet and outlet of the filters are equipped with multi-layer fiber non-woven fabric to prevent carbon powder leakage. The main function of the granular activated carbon filter is to absorb organic pollutants, chemical pesticides, residual chlorine, pigments and peculiar smells in the water. It is mainly used in drinking water, commercial water, domestic water, etc.


4. Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Filters

The carbon impregnated cellulose filter cartridge is made of a precision fiber filter membrane that first covers the inner frame, and then is surrounded by activated carbon fiber cloth. When the liquid is flowing through the filter cartridge, the deep activated carbon fiber cloth of the outer layer can not only trap pollutants, but also absorb peculiar smell, odor and organic pigments, etc. Carbon impregnated cellulose filter are generally used in printed circuit boards, surface treatment, electroplating solutions, coatings, etc.


In addition to the above-mentioned commonly used activated carbon filter cartridges, there are also sliver-impregnated activated carbon filter cartridges, activated carbon wound filter cartridges, activated carbon pleated filter cartridges, composite activated carbon filter cartridges, etc. When designing the activated carbon filtration system, the suitable activated carbon filter element shall be selected according to the composition, viscosity, temperature and effluent requirements of the liquid.

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