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4 Important Things You Should Know Before to Choose the Right Filter Bag

Dec. 17, 2022


The most common liquid filter bags on the market are nylon filter bag, Polypropylene Liquid Filter Bag, polyester filter bag, stainless steel mesh filter bag and Nomex filter bag, etc.. When selecting a liquid filter bag, in addition to choose the appropriate material according to the fluid properties, factors such as filtration accuracy and filtration system design requirements are also need to be considered.

1. Filter Bag Material

First of all, according to the chemical name of the fluid, find out the appropriate filter material on the basis of the chemical coordination taboo, then evaluate the most suitable filter material one by one according to its operating temperature, pressure, and operating conditions (whether it needs to withstand steam, hot water, or chemical sterilization, etc). In addition, different industries have different requirements for selecting liquid filter bags. For example, pharmaceutical and food industries must use FDA-approved materials, and ultra-pure water must choose pure filter materials that do not contain releases that will affect the specific impedance.


2. Filter Bag Precision

Filtration accuracy refers to the ability to filter out 100% of the particles marked with the accuracy. Relative accuracy means that 60~80% of the particles with the indicated accuracy can be filtered out. If the impurity removal efficiency of more than 98% can be achieved, it can be called the absolute filtration accuracy. In this regard, experienced professional filtration product suppliers will assist customers to make suitable liquid filter bags, but the most fundamental solution still needs to be tested, so as to ensure that the purchased liquid filter bags can truly intercept unwanted impurities.

3. Filtration System Design

In addition, it is also necessary to consider the flow requirements and pressure requirements of the entire filtration system to select liquid filter bags. For example, which pressure source should be selected, how much pressure is required to fully utilize the life of the filter bag, whether is is necessary to install two sets of filter housing in parallel to suit the system of continuous operation, and how to match the coarse filter with the wide particle size distribution, whether check valves or other devices need to be installed in the system, etc.

4. Filtration Fluid Temperature and Viscosity

According to the viscosity at the filtration temperature, the professional filtration equipment supplier can calculate the size of the filter housing required, the flow rate of the filter bag and predict the initial pressure drop. If you can provide the impurity content in the fluid, the service life of the filter bag could also be estimated.


Hongtek provide high quality filter bag which is made strictly comply with FDA standards. The main filter bag we supply including:

1) PE filter bag: the most commonly used filter bag, good chemical resistance, working temperature is less than 170-190°C.

2) PP filter bag: used for liquid filtration in the chemical industry, with good acid and alkali resistance, and the working temperature is less than 100-110°C

3) Nylon Filter Bag: has good chemical resistance (except acid resistance) working temperature is less than 170-190°C

4) Stainless Steel filter bag: The stainless steel filter bag is made of non-deformable stainless steel spun SUS304 or SUS316 material and woven into a mesh according to detail specifications. High temperature resistance up to 250˚C.

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