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How to Filter Diesel Fuel in Fuel Tank?

May. 31, 2021


Diesel fuel is an indispensable energy source in daily life or industry. After the diesel fuel has been transported and stored for many times, the diesel fuel in the diesel tank will have pollutants and water, which will reduce the working efficiency and service life of the diesel engine. Therefore, it is necessary to filter the pollutants and water contained in the diesel fuel.

To filter the diesel fuel in the diesel tank, a diesel fuel filter system is generally used. It is mainly composed of a pre-filter device consisting of security filter and filter bag and a coalescing separation filter device. Let’s take a look at how the diesel fuel filter system filters the diesel fuel in the diesel tank.

Bag Filter System

The bag filter system is the pre-filter of the coalescence separation filter system, which is generally composed of a Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housing and a filter bag. The material and filtration accuracy of the filter bag can be selected according to the size of the particles. Commonly used filter bags include PP Filter Bags with accuracy of 1um, 5um, 10um and Nylon Filter Bags with 50um, 100um, 250um.


In addition to the installation of traditional filter bags, there is also a High Flow Bag Pleated Filter specially designed to replace traditional filter bags. Compared with the traditional filter bag, the high flow pleated bag filter has a larger flow rate, greater loading capacity and higher filtration efficiency. Commonly used specifications include PP pleated filter elements with accuracy of 1um, 5um, 10um, 25um, 50um.


Coalescence Separation Filter System

The coalescence separation system is mainly composed of coalescence filter element, separation filter element and stainless steel filter. The function of coalescing filter is mainly to filter small pollutants and coalesce the moisture in diesel oil, while the separation filter is to separate the moisture in the diesel oil.      

The diesel fuel filter system composed of a bag filter device and a coalescing separation device mainly cleans the diesel tank in place, which is simple, fast and low-cost. At present, it has been widely used in the filtration of automobile fuel tanks, industrial machinery fuel tanks and diesel fuel storage tanks, etc.

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