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How to Filter Gas in Biopharmaceutical Production?

Jun. 25, 2021


Gas filtration process is indispensable in the production process of biopharmaceutical, which can prevent and protect biopharmaceutical products from contamination by microorganisms or particles. The gas filtration system in the biopharmaceutical production process generally has a Gas Pre-filtration system, bioburden reduction filtration system and a gas sterilizing filtration system. Let's see how the filtration system filters the gas in biopharmaceutical production.

1. Gas Pre-filtration

Due to the high concentration of pollutants in certain production processes of biopharmaceutical, such as dry powder systems. Therefore, a pre-filtration system is required to remove the larger particles and microorganisms in the gas, and to extend the service life of the sterilization filtration system, thereby reducing filtration costs. The gas pre-filtration system is generally composed of SUS316 Cartridge Filter Housings and PP Pleated Filter Cartridges.


2. Bioburden Reduction Filtration

The bioburden reduction filtration system is mainly used in air filtration processes that do not require sterilization. The filtration system is generally composed of Sanitary SUS316 Filter Housings and Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Pleated Filters. Its main function is to increase the filtration rate of the gas while meeting the requirements of removing pollutants, thereby reducing the filtration cost.


3. Gas Sterilizing Filtration

In the biopharmaceutical production process, many key production processes require a sterile environment, such as gas filtration systems for bioreactors, ozonated water tanks, WFI storage tanks and aseptic packaging processes. At this time, a gas sterilization filtration system must be used to ensure that the biopharmaceutical products are completed in a sterile environment. The gas sterilization filtration system is generally composed of Sanitary SUS316 Cartridge Housings and Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Pleated Cartridges with 0.2 micron.


When selecting and designing the gas filtration system of the biopharmaceutical production process, in addition to the selection of the filtration system, the pressure, temperature, and sterilization method of the production process should also be considered and so as to develop a suitable air filtration program.

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